Delayed start of the school year - Istec
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Work-study or initial (available only in the 1st year)
Start of the school year
January 2024
Bac+3 recognized by the State, RNCP level 6

Delayed start of the school year for the Bachelor in Management

Choosing istec for a delayed school start of the year means joining a top management school, without waiting for the next school year, while benefiting from an accelerated and personalized training.

Magellan Program

Welcome to a personalized, intensive program that allows you, in 6 weeks, to :

  • Discover and quickly integrate istec,
  • Upgrade on the subjects taught at a pace that suits you,
  • Integrate well into a class before taking the second semester’s courses,
  • To really give yourself the means to succeed in your year of reorientation

The Magellan Program takes you on a journey, during which you will discover all the fundamental subjects taught in a top busines school. The inspiring story of this navigator also provides the cultural and historical background that is essential for any manager today.

The istec “Magellan” program is only for students wishing to join the istec in the 1st or 2nd year of the Bachelor in Management program.


At the end of this delayed start of the school year, you will have the opportunity to complete an internship. From the following year you can continue your studies in a work-study program if you wish to.


  • Defining your objective (Strategy & Vision)
  • Getting the word out about your project (Marketing & Communication)
  • Convincing the king (Negotiation & Sales)
  • Estimating the budget of the expedition (Accounting & Finance)
  • Hiring sailors (Human Resources) …
  • …and take them to the end of the world (Leadership)
  • Maping the road, exploring (Innovation)
  • Showing solidarity (Team building)
  • Discovering new cultures (Intercultural and Languages)
  • Reporting (writing workshop/Voltaire project)
  • Communicating and explaining (Communication)

Admissions procedures

The delayed start of the school year is only open to the 1st and 2nd years of the Bachelor in Management.

You can register to our free istec exam (group and individual oral tests) and we will also evaluate your academic record.

Next exam dates: to come

6-week schedule

  • Last week of January: on campus, an intensive integration week,
  • Beginning of February until mid-March: e-learning with a personalized revision program supplemented by regular updates with teachers,
  • Mid-March: final individual assessment of knowledge level.


The integration seminar

The integration week takes students on a journey: In 1518, an exiled Portuguese named Fernando de Magellan managed to convince the Spanish king Charles V to finance a crazy project: “There is a passage leading from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Give me a fleet and I will sail around the world from east to west.

E-learning courses

At the end of the integration week, students join the program while continuing their personalized learning according to their needs.

In parallel with the second semester courses, students in the delayed start of the school year follow a refresher course through individual e-learning. An introductory course including the fundamental knowledge allowing students to follow the courses of the semester with confidence. These blocks are accessible à la carte and allow new students to build an ultra-personalized pathway according to their prior learning and their study project.

During 6 weeks, they complete their knowledge, by appropriating new notions or by deepening others.