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Studying at Istec for International Students

Istec is a renowned business school located in Paris, attracting many international students every year. On campus, it is a melting pot of cultures, with over 17% of international students.

Istec offers diverse and high-quality study programs taught by experienced and competent professors. International students have the opportunity to take courses in English or French (depending on the program and curriculum chosen), allowing them to improve their language skills and prepare for work in an international environment.

Our Programs

Bachelor in Management (from high school to 3rd year)

The Bachelor in Management is a 3-year program focused on four main themes: marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and sales. In the final year, students choose a major in international, digital, finance, or business development.

Grande Ecole Program (from high school to 5th year - Master's degree)

The Grande Ecole Program is a 5-year program awarding a Master’s degree. The emphasis is on international openness and specialization, with the choice of a major in M1: digital, entrepreneurship, event management, luxury, health, or supply chain.

MBA Programs (postgraduate)

The MBA Programs are certified at Level 7 by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) and offer up to 14 distinct specializations in both French and English, available in classical (12 months) or reinforced (18 months) tracks.

The FLE Program "Français Langue Étrangère" (French as a Foreign Language)

This program aims to develop the linguistic skills of international students in French, focusing on specific aspects of the language necessary for their success in different programs at ISTEC, which they will integrate the following year after their French learning. The objective is to enable students to reach a B2 level of French proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) by the end of the program.

Coming to Study at Istec

Coming to study at Istec is a unique experience for international students. They have the opportunity to learn in a beautiful cultural city, improve their language skills, and connect with local and international companies.

Admission for Foreign Residents and Overseas Territories

Foreign residents benefit from a different admission procedure based on the evaluation of their academic records and an online interview.

Welcome to Istec

At Istec, we have an international admissions service that guides you through the administrative process until your arrival and integration at Istec.

Istec Campus

The Istec campus is located in the 10th arrondissement in a vibrant neighborhood and at the intersection of various transportation options (subway, bus, bicycles) along the Canal St-Martin.