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Bachelor in Management - a 3-year professional training program

The Bachelor’s Program in Management, a degree certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, offers students a comprehensive professional training, preparing them effectively to face the challenges of a constantly evolving professional world, including the possibility of completing the 3 years of study in a work-study program. With their solid training in marketing, entrepreneurship, corporate communication and omni-channel customer relations, students are able to adapt to market demands and contribute effectively to the success of their company.

The essentials of the Bachelor in Management


3 years

Rate of certification class of 2022


Starts of the school year

Tuition fees

from €8,400 to €9,200


Work-study programs available from the 1st year and throughout the course.

Initial course in 1st year only.
Mandatory work-study program in 2nd and 3rd year.



Accessible to people with disabilities

International (option)

Diploma recognized by the State

Title of Développeur(se) Commercial(e) et Marketing: level 6 professional certification (European nomenclature) registered on the RNCP, by order of July 8, 2020 and published in the Bulletin Officiel Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche n°30 of July 23, 2020

Bac+3 diploma

The Bachelor in Management is a real springboard for students wishing to quickly enter the professional world. In three years of training, they acquire a set of complementary operational skills giving them access to local management or cross-functional project management assignments.

By joining the Bachelor in Management Program, students develop a solid professional culture, learn innovative methodologies and acquire the essential skills to successfully enter the professional world.

If you are ready to take up the challenge and position yourself for a rapid and successful insertion into the job market, the Bachelor in Management program at istec is for you.

why choose a bachelor in management?

The choice of post-bac education is a crucial decision for any student.
Unlike a BTS, a BUT or a license, the Bachelor in Management stands out for its pedagogical content oriented towards professional skills. It offers a more specialized and comprehensive training, adapted to the needs of current businesses. Moreover, the duration of three years allows students to develop solid expertise and undertake more significant projects. Finally, the Bachelor in Management can be followed in alternation, allowing students to gain professional experience while pursuing their education.

For students who wish to quickly launch themselves into the workforce after high school, a Bachelor in Management can be a wise choice. With specialized skills, students can easily find employment in companies from various sectors. Lastly, the Bachelor in Management is an internationally recognized education, offering career prospects abroad.
In summary, a Bachelor in Management is a high-quality professional education that meets the needs of today’s businesses. Students acquire solid and practical skills for their future careers.
If you are interested in the world of commerce and marketing and wish to acquire specialized expertise in the field, the Bachelor in Management is an option to consider.

they speak about it

I registered through Parcoursup’s platform to join Istec’s Bachelor program. At istec, I’ve been able to enroll in several associations, which allows me to reconcile volunteer work and practice: I apply what I learn throughout my missions and I learn to manage a team in concrete events at school.


1st year - Bachelor in Management