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Our Students Abroad

Discovering new horizons, meeting people from around the world, immersing oneself in a new culture, and developing linguistic skills are unique experiences that are increasingly attracting our students.

Marine, 2nd year of the Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2026 Description: Semester of studies in Milan

“When I was told that these past 3 months would be the most beautiful moments of my life, I didn’t really believe it! But today, I don’t want to leave anymore, and I would like to relive the unforgettable experiences I had the chance to have in Milan. During this European semester, my everyday life is very dynamic. The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is a school with very interesting and diverse courses, and the student quality of life there is more than enjoyable. I can say that Milan has become my second home.”

Justine, 2nd year of the Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2026 Description: Semester of studies in Dublin

“This semester at ISB in Dublin is going wonderfully. The school is friendly, and the professors are pedagogical. The spirit of the school is quite familial; it is a human-sized school that genuinely cares about each student, just like ISTEC. Dublin is a warm city, and its inhabitants are very welcoming. We went to Galway with the school for a weekend, and it was great. I hope the remaining 2 months will be as good as the past month.”

Mathilde, 4th year of the Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2023 Description: Semester of studies in Buenos Aires

“For my Master’s at ISTEC, I chose the international program, which led me to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for my second semester. It’s an incredible experience to discover another education system, different courses, and a new culture… I chose 5 courses focused on culture and the economy in Latin America. I’m very grateful to be here; I meet people from all over the world, I travel a lot through Argentina and South America. I’ve always been drawn to exploring the world and new cultures… So, I have adapted with great ease and I am enjoying this unique experience.”

Morgane, 4th year of the Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2023 Description: Semester of studies in Thailand

“One of the main reasons I chose to study at ISTEC is the international dimension of the Grande Ecole program. I noticed that ISTEC is the only Grande Ecole that allows its students to study abroad for up to 3 semesters and complete their internships there. After my semester abroad in Spain during my 2nd year, which turned out to be an extraordinary experience, I decided to leave Europe for Thailand for my second semester of the 4th year. Thanks to ISTEC’s partnership with Mahidol University in Bangkok, I am currently studying at one of the best universities in the country. All the students are extremely welcoming and have made my stay here a real pleasure. I have always wanted to work in an international sector, and this experience shows me how useful and important it is to learn a new culture, a new language… I am extremely grateful to be here, and I will return to France with new skills and unforgettable memories!”

Lola, 3rd year Bachelor's Program - Class of 2022 Description: Semester of study in Seville

“As part of my Bachelor’s degree in Management at ISTEC, I chose the International Management major in my third year because I enjoy taking on challenges. I wanted to explore another country, another culture, and another learning method. I was admitted to EUSA in Seville and chose five courses in the fields of advertising, public relations, and journalism. All the professors were very understanding and attentive to each student from different countries. The city of Seville has a wonderful quality of life, and the people of Seville are very warm. I have fond memories of this experience.”

Charles, 4th year of Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2023 Description: Semester of studies in Buenos Aires

“I arrived in Argentina in Buenos Aires at the University of Belgrano, and the first thing that struck me was the difference in culture. I immediately met people who were kind, open-minded, and very curious. The second thing that amazed me was the beauty of this country. Buenos Aires is a place filled with history, with numerous tourist sites and places to go out in the evening, but I will never forget my first outing outside the capital. I felt like I was in another country other than Argentina because the landscapes stretched as far as the eye could see and were incredibly beautiful. I visited the Iguazu Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I also had the opportunity to visit Ushuaia, the closest place to the South Pole. The people are very kind, and the mountains are majestic. I am now looking forward to another semester of studying abroad.”

Maya, 3rd year Bachelor's Program - Class of 2022 Description: Semester of study in Montreal

“Thanks to the international option offered by ISTEC in the third year of the Bachelor’s program, I had the opportunity to go to Montreal, Canada, a country I had always dreamed of visiting. I absolutely do not regret making this choice because the experience was incredible. In addition to improving my language skills, this semester allowed me to open up to a new and beautiful culture. The courses went very well at UQAM University. I also had the chance to explore the city as well as Quebec and other cities in Canada. I arrived in unfamiliar territory without knowing anyone, and it was a pleasant surprise that I would recommend to everyone. It opened many doors for me.”

Juliette, 4th year of Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2021 Description: Semester of study in Copenhagen

“After spending a year on an exchange program in Copenhagen, Denmark, I am returning to France to complete my final year of study at ISTEC. This exchange, carried out as part of the partnership between ISTEC and Copenhagen Business College, allowed me to discover the extraordinary Danish culture and familiarize myself with different cultures. As I want to pursue a career in international business, knowing how to communicate across cultures is essential. It is this cultural mix that makes the international experience so exciting. This year made me realize that being open to the world and, above all, to others is a real strength, a real asset. Thank you again to ISTEC for giving me this opportunity and supporting me in this superb adventure!”

Tiphaine, 2nd year Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2024 Description: Semester of study in Seville

“Even during this period of health crisis, going abroad gave me a breath of fresh air. Meeting new people, partially resuming a normal life just by going to a restaurant and having conversations on terraces, did me a lot of good. Language was not a barrier for me, but rather a topic of discussion. My sometimes uncertain English is already improving, and speaking Spanish is almost as natural as speaking French after a month and a half. Seville is a warm and welcoming city, and I have no regrets about choosing such a radiant destination. If you ever happen to visit this city, I would recommend visiting the Alcazar, the Plaza de España, and the beautiful Maria Luisa Park. For me, these three historically significant places are a must-see in Seville.”

Luigi, Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2021 Graduate Description: Semester of studies in San Diego

“For my fourth year, the last year that allowed me to go wild, I decided to combine usefulness with pleasure and go to San Diego for a dual degree (Master’s degree from Istec + Bachelor of Science in Business Administration). When my foot touched American soil in September, I knew this year would be, as the Americans say, ‘a blast.’ The courses I took at the partner school CIBU (California International Business University) complemented those I had in France, and relearning certain terms in English was very useful for my personal and professional development. The instructors took great care of us, and a relationship of respect, work, and friendship was quickly established.
I also have very fond memories of the places I discovered: the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe, the Griffins Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, and more.”

Margaux, Grande Ecole Program - Class of 2021 Graduate Description: Semester of study in Copenhagen

“I chose to spend a semester abroad to experience being an Erasmus student. For the second semester of my fourth year in the Grande Ecole Program, I had the opportunity to join Niels Brock University in Copenhagen, Denmark. The campus is located in the heart of the historic city center, and I used to ride a bicycle to get there (the main mode of transportation in Copenhagen). The professors were welcoming and supportive. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience. I met amazing people and discovered a cosmopolitan and unique city. Danes have a reputation for being reserved, but I ultimately met kind and friendly individuals. As a food lover, Denmark allowed me to discover gastronomic specialties such as Kanelsnegle (cinnamon pastries) and Smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches with various toppings) on dark rye bread. During this semester, I took the opportunity to go on a weekend trip to Oslo, Norway, where I visited the city and strolled along a frozen fjord. I hope to return to Denmark one day and explore the country in more detail.”