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Work-study at istec

The Bachelor in Management programs and Grande Ecole offer students the opportunity to complete 3 or 5 years of alternating studies to build an attractive professional profile. Several types of alternating contracts are possible with rhythms defined by program.


Professionalization and apprenticeship contract

This contract is tripartite between the school, the student, and the company represented by its OPCO (Competencies Operator). It is signed for 12 or 24 months according to the training schedule and allows you to benefit from an employee status and all associated salary benefits. Training costs are supported by the company supported by its OPCO. Warning: the apprenticeship contract is only possible from the 3rd year of the Grande Ecole Program.

Alternating internship

This convention is tripartite between the school, the student, and the company. It is signed for 6 renewable months and allows you to maintain a student status and all associated social benefits. The student will receive a training allowance, it is possible to negotiate a more attractive remuneration depending on his profile. This formula allows the student to carry out two different missions in the year to help him affirm his professional orientation choices and enrich his resume.

Fixed-term and part-time contracts

Part-time fixed-term and permanent contracts Alternating fixed-term and permanent employment contracts are accepted if they provide an alternating rhythm in accordance with training schedules. These contracts depend on the company’s human resources. The minimum remuneration is that of the hourly minimum wage.

Rhythms of work-study program

Bachelor in Management

1st and 2nd year: 2 days at school / 3 days in the company

3rd year: 1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company

Grande Ecole Program

1st, 2nd, and 3rd year: 2 days at school / 3 days in the company

M1 & M2: 1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company

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Testimonies about work-study program

"Taking on a student in a company is an opportunity for us to grow and to help others grow at the same time. The challenge is certainly to benefit from a one-time reinforcement, but it is also to prepare for the future by investing in the training and skills development of the student, and thus to facilitate his or her recruitment into the company on a permanent basis. Finally, it is particularly rich for us to benefit from the fresh eyes of the younger generation, with new practices, ideas and tools."


CEO et Co-founder of Klaxo

" The strength of a team lies in the difference of the individuals who compose it. In a small team of seniors over 50 years old, having a young person of 18-20 years old and listening to him make us to think differently, to have another point of view, to diversify opinions. At the beginning, it's a big investment in time. Of course, they don't know anything at the beginning, and they have everything to learn. This is why KNOWING HOW TO BE is fundamental. But what a challenge for each of us in the team. This permanent obligation to re-explain, to reformulate things at the base, forces us to realize that, no, everything is not automatic. If the student doesn't understand, it's because we didn't explain it well, and consequently, we don't express ourselves well in front of customers, suppliers, partners... The learning process is mutual."

Didier Vandegans

Director of Tri-Logic Ile de France