3rd year of the Grande Ecole Program - Istec
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2 days at school / 3 days at the company
Start of the school year
September 2023
Bac+5 recognized by the State - Master's degree, RNCP level 7

3rd year Grande Ecole Program: Contribute

The 3rd year of the Grande Ecole Program offers students real-life experience through a second semester in a European university and additional corporate experience. The seminars that punctuate the year allow the students to be put in a professional situation with constraints of organization, management, urgency and concentration. Innovative teaching methods are also planned in association with company managers. For example, the project of creating a company about an innovation to be conceived by the student according to a rigorous method.


The 3rd year marks the beginning of international study opportunities and several choices of course are therefore possible:

Initial course:

  • Internship completed during the year.
  • Semester 6: study in a European university.

International course:

  • Semester 5 : studies in Cork (Ireland)
  • Semester 6: study in a European university.

Work-study program:

  • Semester 5: 2 days of training on campus, 3 days in the company (from September to January) under an apprenticeship, professionalization contract, alternated internship, fixed-term contract or part-time permanent contract.
  • Semester 6: study in a European university.

Academic areas

  • Communication, marketing and sales
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Finance, HR and Law
  • English Test
  • Spanish test
  • Business English
  • LV2 : Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese
  • European semester (compulsory): teaching according to the expertise of the host university

European destinations for the 6th semester abroad

  • Allemagne, Berlin – International School of Management (ISM)
  • Allemagne, Cologne – Cologne International Business School (CBS)
  • Allemagne, Karlsruhe – Karlshoschschule International University (KIU)
  • Croatie, Dubrovnik – Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) – AACSB
  • Danemark, Copenhague – Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College (NB)
  • Espagne, Madrid – Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV)
  • Espagne, Séville – Estudios Universitarios y Superiores de Andalucia (EUSA)
  • Italie, Milan – Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) – EPAS
  • Irlande, Limerick – University of Limerick (UL) – AACSB / EPAS
  • Lituanie, Vilnius – Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty (KNF)
  • Pologne, Kozminski – Kozminski University (LKAEM) – AACSB / Equis / AMBA
  • Slovaquie, Bratislava – Cosmenius University (Cosmenius)

Professionals & Seminars


  • Journey to the center of the trades
  • Oral expression
  • Professional behaviour
  • Mission report
  • History of European Painting
  • DCF Challenge
  • Management and achievements – Sector studies
  • Management and achievements – Great witnesses
  • Marketing project


  • Business Game Seminar – EXOPTER
  • Seminar on the adventure of reality
"I have been combining work-study for three years now, thanks to the network of partner companies at istec. The campus, recently renovated, allows us to work efficiently and our professors conduct their courses to perfection! The 3rd year is punctuated by the management of sectorial studies and by the realization of the marketing project. These projects allow us to become independent and teach us to think and act like real managers. I would define these years spent at istec as productive and exciting. "


3rd year - Grande Ecole Program

"If I had to sum up my third year at istec in two words, it would be: associations and opportunities. Indeed, I had the chance to be president of the Pôle Vie which gathers the non-sporting associations of the school and this allowed me to learn a lot in terms of management and organization, important fields in professional life. On top of that, I was able to familiarize myself with it thanks to my work-study program where I was able to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired at school. Today, I'm ready to start my last two years at Istécien with the same momentum."


Master 1 - Grande Ecole Program


Semester 6 in a European university (mandatory)

Intercultural immersion in Europe through a semester of studies in English at one of our partner universities in one of the following cities: Cologne, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Seville, Madrid, Warsaw, Dubrovnik, Milan, Limerick, or Vilnius. The choice of the partner university is based on academic excellence.

The marketing project

Study carried out for a company. The students are proactive and their recommendations are implemented within the partner company.

Grande Ecole Program