Master in Supply Chain Management - Istec
Istec exam - apply online
1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company
Start of the school year
September 2023 or January 2024 (only in 1st year of Master)
Bac+5 recognized by the State - Master's degree, RNCP level 7

Supply Chain Management major

During the first year of the Master’s program (semester 8), students choose a major that allows them to specialize in a field of activity in order to acquire new technical, sectoral and strategic skills with a view to employability and professional development. The Supply Chain major leads to a dual degree with the University of Lorraine and the ENIM Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Metz


In 1st year of Master, semester 7 consolidates the fundamentals of budget management and deepens the concepts of management and marketing and reinforces the exploration of New Business Models. Courses are taught in English or French.

Examples of courses: Leadership and Team Management (Fr), Entrepreneurship (Eng), Finance, Budgets and Forecasts (Fr), Business Plan (Fr), International Financing and Payments Strategies (Eng), Web Marketing and Tools (Fr and Eng) …

From semester 8 until the end of his studies, the student specializes by choosing a major.

The Supply Chain Management major aims to:

  • Offering a training including various technological tools,
  • Training in industrial management and supply chain management,
  • Training high-potential managers who are quickly operational.


In semester 7 during the 1st year of Master, you can study abroad with one of our partner universities. The training rhythm is concentrated on 3 days per week, allowing you to do an internship or other activities in your free time.

Examples of courses

Planning and management
Strategy and Management
Customer Demand Management
Audit and improvement of logistics performance
Transportation and distribution
Sustainable Supply Chain
Information systems and technological innovations
Sustainable logistics and innovation


CPIM Part 1 – Basics – APICS
SYNCFLOWS – Pull-flow management
Sigma LEAN Supply Chain 6


Logistics Coordinator
Procurement Manager
Production and Methods Manager
Planning Manager
Sales Forecast Manager
Logistics Manager

"Supply Chain Management means knowing how to manage people, equipment and materials, from the supplier to the end customer, including the supply, manufacturing and distribution phases. It is a job that combines technical skills and management in an international environment, with the mastery of planning and steering techniques, the increase of KPIs, the triggering of change, continuous improvement and the coordination of a team. "


Head of the Supply Chain Management major

"The Master Supply Chain, taught by professionals of the sector and in connection with engineering students, allows the confrontation of a very interesting commercial and industrial vision. This training, which is as much a diploma course as a professional one, meets the expectations of recruiters in terms of skills and experience. It allows young graduates, through the tools studied and the certifications offered, to enter the job market with competitive advantages."


Graduate - Class of 2021


The synthesis seminar

Master’s thesis

Assessment of five years of study and professional experience in front of a jury composed of professors and graduates. The Master’s thesis includes the orals of the professional project, the report of the missions in the company and the thesis paper.

Grande Ecole program