DBA - Istec
3 years part-time - compatible with a professional activity
evaluation of the application form + interview
Starts of the school year
November and February
Doctorate of Business Administration - Bac+8

DBA - combine research with a corporate career

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a program that combines training and research projects. Its mission is to enhance the career paths of executives and business leaders and to enable them to acquire new professional and academic knowledge.

The training costs are 9 000€ per year.


The DBA is a 3-year program that allows professionals to take courses (in person and distance learning) on research training, digital, etc., whilewriting their professional thesis.

The doctoral student must first choose a specialization:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Networks

Jobs : Digital Marketing Director, Digital Strategy Manager …

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Professions : Company Founder, Company Takeover, Social Entrepreneur …

  • Science of Pedagogy

Careers : Director of a higher education establishment, Academic Director, university lecturer and researcher, Consultant…

Course modules

The course modules are taught in the form of research seminars anddoctoral workshops. Each specialization is reinforced by research methodology courses.

Modalities of the training

  • 1st year: 120 hours of classes and seminars once a quarter – compatible with a professional activity.

Elaboration of the research project and epistemology as well as research methodology

  • 2nd year: distance learning

Empirical part and field research

  • 3rd year: distance learning

Writing and defense of the professional thesis

Throughout the program, you will be accompanied and monitored individually by a university lecturer and researcher.

A DBA for which public?

To enter the DBA program at istec, candidates must:

  • Hold an MBA (Master of Business in Administration) or equivalent
  • Have accumulated 3 years of professional experience
  • Have a research idea for the thesis.

Why take a DBA?

By choosing a DBA, business executives gain new skills such as:

  • The assimilation of new scientific and research knowledge,
  • The ability to provide academic and professional insight into complex management science issues,
  • The ability to communicate about one’s work to an audience of academics and professionals,
  • The ability to apply and transmit new knowledge in the workplace,
  • The understanding and application of techniques applicable to academic research in management sciences,
  • The ability to work in complex organizational environments.

The benefits of producing a thesis are numerous for the doctoral student:

  • Reorient your career, develop new skills and sharpen your intellectual curiosity,
  • Apply the rigor of academic research to contemporary business issues,
  • Question and improve existing practices, strategies and business models in order to develop the entrepreneurial orientation of one’s career.

At the end of the 3 years, the doctoral student will have achieved a high level of professional and academic skills development.

Our online DBAs in partnership with Jiangsu Online International Education

Specializations offered :

Digital Transformation
Innovation Management
Human Resource Management
Health Management
International Supply Chain Management
Corporate Finance

Please complete the application form and return it to the following e-mail address: istec-dba@online-edu-gpa.com

Our Executive DBAs in partnership with Erasmus International

The Executive DBA is a program aimed exclusively at professionals wishing to develop their employability by enhancing their experience while acquiring new professional and academic knowledge.

As part of its drive to expand its international reach, istec has joined forces with Erasmus International to offer EDBA specializations focused on contemporary business issues, enabling students following these programs to reflect on their companies and sectors of activity.

The work carried out throughout the curriculum will enable them to put forward issues and analyses aimed at improving the performance of organizations and their strategies in the various fields of study.

Specializations offered :

Strategic Management
Corporate Finance
Psychology applied to management

Please complete the application form and return it to the following e-mail address: s.marais@erasmus-international.com

Our DBAS in partnership with UCMT

Together with UCMT, istec has developed the following programs in China:

  • DBA in Enterprise Management(DBA-EM)
  • DBA in Finance(FDBA)
  • DBA in Culture Management(DCM)
  • DBA in Intelligent Manufacturing(DBA-IM)
  • DBA in Education Management(DEM)

UCMT/istec programs are offered in several cities in China and are taught in Mandarin and English. The professors are recruited internationally and among them are istec professors, who teach several courses during the year, which allows a constant sharing of good practices and quality control. The program also includes one or more periods of study in Paris, where students attend conferences with prestigious professors and
speakers, visit companies, and carry out exercises to put their new knowledge into practice.

To apply for one of our partners’ UCMT/Istec DBAs, click here.