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Why choose istec?

Istec Business School Paris offers high-level education programs from Bachelor to Bac+8: Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3), Grande Ecole (Bac+5), MBA, APEL, and continuing education.

These programs, accessible after high school, focus on marketing, management, and sales in an international cultural and economic context.

If you are looking for a quality business school that offers apprenticeship programs, Istec Business School Paris is the ideal choice.

Excellence in Education


An innovative pedagogy that incorporates seminars, workshops, flipped classrooms, business games, case studies, company visits, factory tours, and point of sale visits into the core of learning.


Quality education delivered by experienced professional teachers in their respective fields, allowing you to acquire practical skills and learn proven techniques for success in the business world.

State Recognition

Diplomas recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. In line with our pedagogy, mission, and values, we strive to obtain the highest accreditations and labels as a guarantee of quality for our students.

Professional Development


The possibility to pursue studies in 100% apprenticeship programs starting from the first year for the Bachelor’s degree in Management and the Grande Ecole program. Istec is the only Grande Ecole of Business with a Master’s degree that offers apprenticeship programs starting from the first year of study!

Integration into the world of work

An excellent rate of professional integration, thanks in particular to the opportunity to study through apprenticeship programs, our innovative pedagogy, and a strong alumni network.

Istec Alumni

A network of over 7,000 active and supportive alumni worldwide who can assist you in finding internships, apprenticeships, and employment, or become your mentors. Istec graduates hold important positions in large companies in France and abroad and are always enthusiastic about helping their juniors.

The Istec Experience


A campus in the heart of Paris, close to major companies and business districts of the city. This allows you to explore the city and immerse yourself in French culture and Parisian life while studying.

Associative Engagement

A strong commitment to associative engagement, with over 250 students involved in the school’s associative life in various areas such as sports, culture, humanitarian work, business, and events.

Istec x EEMI Incubator

A joint entrepreneurial incubator by ISTEC and EEMI to support you in your business creation projects and provide you with the means to maximize your chances of success. +3), Grande Ecole (Bac+5), MBA, VAE, formation continue.