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Recruitment events to find a work-study program

To help students who want to study in a work-study program, we offer various events throughout the year. Our mission is that each student is placed in a company and on a position that corresponds to them. We do everything possible to ensure that each future student has all the keys to succeed in his or her search and find a work-study program.

The Corporate Relations team takes charge of the student as soon as the enrollment is finalized.

Several times a year, istec students are invited to meet with partner companies that offer work-study contracts, internships and fixed-term contracts during in-person or remote job dating. After a presentation of the offer by the company representative, the students have 7 minutes to being interviewed by their potential recruiter.

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To register for a job dating, contact us at

This weekly newsletter lists recruitment events offered by groups or companies with all the information you need to apply.

The Career Center by JobTeaser is your istec career site. You can find key information such as:

  • Job offers in France and abroad dedicated to our school
  • Videos and podcasts to help you understand the business world in a concrete way
  • Direct contact with recruiters
  • All the details and resources concerning work-study programs and internships at the istec.

You will receive your login and password as soon as your enrollment is completed.

Before looking for a work-study program, we recommend that you take the Marco test to allow you to :

  • identify your compatibility with certain professional activities,
  • to know your professional values in order to better present yourself.

This will make it easier to target the offers you want to apply for and the skills you want to put forward on your resume, cover letter and in interviews.

Istec also assists you in your search for a company and the success of your interviews by setting up several devices:

  • Correction of your resume and cover letter
  • Introduction to online personal branding (linkedIn)
  • Interview coaching: posture and preparation of the interview (questions, company information)