Grande Ecole Program - 2nd year - Istec
Istec exam - apply online
2 days at school / 3 days at the company
Start of the school year
September 2023 or delayed start of the school year in January 2024
Bac+5 recognized by the State - Master's degree, RNCP level 7

2nd year of the Grande Ecole Program: Explore

The 2nd year of the Grande Ecole Program allows students to deepen their knowledge of the fundamentals and to put it into practice by putting them into real-life situations. This year can be done either as an initial course or as a work-study program, depending on the student’s wishes.


Work-study program

Prepare for your future by choosing a work-study program to gain professional experience that will be appreciated by recruiters at the end of your studies. The rhythm is 2 days of training on campus and 3 days in a company under a professionalization contract, alternating internship, fixed-term contract or permanent part-time contract.

Academic areas

Communication, marketing and sales
Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Finance, HR and Law
English Test
Spanish test (LV2 option)
Business Applications – TOEFL preparation
LV2 : Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese
Voltaire Project


Professional social networks
Associative activities
Mission report
Professional behaviour
Oral expression
Cultural events
Market Research


Association projects
Productive attitudes
Seminar openings
Istec “#BeMyself” Seminar
Seminar “Chess & Math!”

"During my second year in the Grande Ecole program, I was able to go on an exchange semester in Seville, Spain: a real highlight of the program and a good reason to choose istec if, like me, you want to travel. Thanks to this semester, I discovered myself a little more, while discovering a new country, its culture and its inhabitants. Learning the language was easier and I quickly improved my level. This experience was very interesting!"

Justine MIATTI

Master 1 - Grande Ecole Program

  • "During my second year, I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Berlin. I discovered an amazing openness of the Berliners as well as an exceptional cultural and historical city. I then had the opportunity to get involved in a Student Bureau list. It was a professionalizing experience through the organization of events and the search for sponsors.
  • I also took advantage of my internship to go to Vietnam to teach French in a primary and secondary school. I discovered a new culture and had an unforgettable time with the children. An amazing life experience!"


Graduate - Class of 2018


Market research for a company

This study mobilizes the theoretical knowledge of students in a real situation. This group work is a discovery of the operational side: field marketing, leadership, collaborative work, methodology.

Preparation for the European Semester

Preparation for the 6th semester of study in a foreign university.

Grande Ecole program