MBA International Business Management - Istec
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Classic track in 12 months or reinforced track in 18 months
Academic year
October 2023 or March 2024
Professional certification "Business Engineer" registered for 3 years in the RNCP Level 7.

MBA International Business Management

Political and economic changes that took place in the world over the past few years have triggered a huge need for specialists in the area of international affairs. To answer these needs, Istec has set up an International Business Management MBA.


The program is designed to give students a deepened knowledge of some issues linked to intercultural management, geo-politics, strategic development, negotiation and business possibilities with investment in the international and world context. This program promotes the mastering of technical knowledge, languages and multicultural subjects. Its main objective is to train executives capable of understanding new stakes linked to the globalization of economies that are necessary to answer and anticipate changes in the market, deploy the strategy and manage international teams.

The cost of this program varies according to the course chosen between 8 880€ and 12 980€.

Focus on specialization

Whether they choose the classic 12-month or the reinforced 18-month program, students will take courses specific to the International Business Management specialization: Trade Finance, International Logistics, International strategic Development and International Marketing.

Educational content - 18 months reinforced track

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Fundamental Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Performance Tools
  • Business plan, Construction and Financial Strategy
  • Fundamental Finance
  • Sales Force Management
  • Sustainable, Environmental and Social Development of the Company
  • Environment and International
  • Business Strategy
  • Human Resources Management
  • Communication through Art and Theater
  • 2-month internship

Educational content - 12 months classic track

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Management and Performance
  • Law
  • Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Trade Finance
  • International Logistics
  • International Strategic Development
  • International Marketing
  • Internship from 4 to 6 months


  • Export Director
  • Manager of Trade Marketing
  • Responsible of Zone Export
  • Director of Business Export
  • Responsible for International Projects
  • Responsible of International