Bachelor 3 Finance and Business Management - Istec
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1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company
Start of the school year
September 2023
Bac+3 recognized by the State, RNCP level 6

Finance and Business Management

The finance and Business Management major allows students to master the technical tools of finance and business management, to acquire knowledge of the various actors and banking, accounting and financial environments, and to learn how to process financial or accounting documents for a company, organization or association.


The 3rd year of the Bachelor in Management is divided into 2 parts.

The first part is composed of a core curriculum and the majority of the topics covered are seminars:

  • Team Building Seminar
  • Strategic Marketing Seminar
  • Sales and Distribution Seminar
  • Communication Seminar
  • Omnichannel Customer Relationship Strategy Seminar

Then students enter their major.

During their training, some disciplines are transversal and take place all year round, such as the Voltaire project, TOEIC preparation and the MyStartUp project. Throughout the year, several certifications are offered to students to validate their level of competence and enrich their CV by publishing the certifications obtained: TOEIC, HubSpot, Projet Voltaire, COSS Soft Skills.

Work-study program

The 3rd year of the Bachelor in Management program is exclusively a work-study program to allow you to acquire solid professional experience. The rhythm is one week at school and two weeks in the company.

Course modules

  • Microeconomics
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial markets
  • Sale of financial products
  • Management control
  • Accounting and finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Business ethics


  • Administrative Manager
  • Accounting Manager
  • Credit Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Credit Analyst
"I joined the Bachelor of Management at istec as a work study program following a change of direction in my second year. I wanted to acquire solid professional experience while continuing my studies. The work-study program perfectly met my expectations! I found my work-study contract through the network of istec graduates and a Job Dating organized by the school. I was able to join a start-up as an Assistant Project Manager. The complementarity between this position and the courses given by the istec allowed me to quickly increase my skills. "


3rd year - Bachelor in Management

"By joining the Bachelor in Management of istec in a work-study program, I acquired theoretical knowledge and lived a significant professional experience within the l'Etudiant group. I developed commercial skills that were appreciated by my colleagues as well as at the istec where I finished 2nd in the negotiation competition. The variety of courses allowed me to assimilate and become interested in various subjects so that I could specialize serenely in the 3rd year. The Bachelor in Management is a real booster that prepares you and gives you all the tools to succeed in the professional world. If you want to integrate a concrete and fun training, istec is the school for you!"


3rd year - Bachelor in Management


The Business Game ” company strategy “.

This seminar, which usually takes place in April, is one of the highlights of the school for the students.

Close to the end of their school career, it is the moment to measure their operational side and their capacity to mobilize the knowledge acquired throughout the past 3 years.

This week-long seminar is open to both Bachelor and Master students. The students will work in the form of an executive team that will have to report on a situation at the end of each day. The role of each student in this CODIR is evolving every day.

A team of coaches and graders will accompany them throughout the seminar.

Disagreements, compromises and consensus will spice up this seminar.

The MyStartUp project

The MyStartUp project will run throughout the 3rd year. The students will, in groups of 4, put forward their entrepreneurial skills by creating a fictitious company.

The steps of MyStartUp are both parts oriented towards studies (market studies, field studies), but also very operational elements such as the creation of a business plan, a brand, a graphic charter. The management/HR, finance and communication components complete this project.

Throughout the project, coaches are assigned to the different groups. Finally, the final presentation will be made before a jury that will play the role of investors and will validate both the content of the file, but also the ability of the group to defend this project as a team.