Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development - Istec
Istec exam - apply online
1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company
Start of the school year
September 2023 or January 2024 (only in 1st year of Master)
Bac+5 recognized by the State - Master's degree, RNCP level 7

Entrepreneurship and Business Development major

During the first year of the Master’s program (semester 8), students choose a major that allows them to specialize in a field of activity in order to acquire new technical, sectoral and strategic skills with a view to employability and professional development.


In 1st year of Master, semester 7 consolidates the fundamentals of budget management and deepens the concepts of management and marketing and reinforces the exploration of New Business Models. Courses are taught in English or French.

Examples of courses: Leadership and Team Management (Fr), Entrepreneurship (Eng), Finance, Budgets and Forecasts (Fr), Business Plan (Fr), International Financing and Payments Strategies (Eng), Web Marketing and Tools (Fr and Eng) …

From semester 8 until the end of his studies, the student specializes by choosing a major.

The Entrepreneurship and Business Development major allows you to:

  • Create, take over or develop a business,
  • Know how to manage your business on a daily basis,
  • Develop and manage complex projects,
  • Become a complete manager with transversal skills.


In semester 7 during the 1st year of Master, you can study abroad with one of our partner universities. The training rhythm is concentrated on 3 days per week, allowing you to do an internship or other activities in your free time.

Examples of courses

Project Management
Business models; Accounting & Law
Business Financing
Entrepreneurial culture and posture
International Business
Management in times of crisis
Operational Management
The art of negotiation


HR: employer brand, recruitment, payroll, PPIM, social relations …
CSR: environment, social and governance, circular economy, sustainable development
Corporate finance and financing methods (including crypto-assets…)


Business Owner or Founder
Business Engineer
Account Executive
Project Manager
Regional Manager
Brand / Product Manager

"The Entrepreneurship and Business Development major is a true transition path to the professional world. We confront our students with contemporary geopolitical, economic, social and technological upheavals in a very practical way. In addition to the indispensable theoretical teachings, it is a matter of "getting your hands dirty"! The intervention of professionals throughout the year feeds the development of personal and collective concrete projects. We expect teachers, lecturers and students to work in a spirit of partnership rather than in a teacher/student dynamic. Quite a challenge! "


Head of the Entrepreneurship and Business Development major


The synthesis seminar

Master’s thesis

Assessment of five years of study and professional experience in front of a jury composed of professors and graduates. The Master’s thesis includes the orals of the professional project, the report of the missions in the company and the thesis paper.

Grande Ecole program