Grande Ecole Program - the way to excellence

Aimed at the State and lasting five years, this training leads to a Master’s degree and prepares young professionals for taking on responsibilities by enabling them to acquire the skills necessary for their personal and professional projects.

The essentials of the Grande Ecole Program


5 years

Rate of certification class of 2022


Starts of the school year

September 2023
January 2024

Tuition fees

from €9,800 to €12,500.


work-study program possible from the 1st year of study


  • post bac only through Parcoursup
  • from Bac+1 to Bac+5 : subject to an istec exam


Accessible to people with disabilities


1 mandatory semester of study in Europe in the 3rd year

1 semester of study abroad possible in 3rd and 4th year

6 majors to choose from

Events, Cultural and Creative Industries
Digital, Data and E-commerce
Luxury & Customer Care – 100% in English
Supply Chain Management
Health and Silver Economy
Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Diploma recognized by the State

Title of Développeur(se) Commercial(e) et Marketing: level 6 professional certification (European nomenclature) registered on the RNCP, by order of July 8, 2020 and published in the Bulletin Officiel Enseignement Supérieur et Recherche n°30 of July 23, 2020

Diploma aimed at Bac+5 Grade de Master by

The istec Grande Ecole Program is a flagship program that guarantees excellence in all areas and can be completed 100% in a work-study program from the first year of study. You will benefit from innovative training, an international exposure, exceptional research and faculty quality, a dynamic community projects and strong links with companies. You will also be supported in your integration into the world of work and can count on the power of the alumni network (link to Istec Alumni page) to help you succeed.

If you want to accelerate your career and benefit from a high quality training, join the istec Grande Ecole Program now! With solid training and thorough preparation, you will be ready to take on any challenge and achieve your most ambitious professional goals.

Why choose a Grande Ecole Program?

If you are looking for a higher education in business, you may have noticed that there are several possible options. However, the Grande Ecole Program is an excellent training program that offers many advantages compared to other programs.

First of all, the Grande Ecole Program is a high-level training program that allows you to obtain a State-recognized Master’s Degree. It is a comprehensive training program that prepares you to take on responsibilities and occupy high-value-added positions in companies. You can specialize in various fields such as entrepreneurship, digital, events, luxury, supply chain, or health.

In addition, the Grande Ecole Program is a training program that offers great flexibility in terms of choice of course. You can personalize your curriculum by choosing majors that correspond to your interests and professional projects. Moreover, this training program offers you great international exposure, thanks to the possibility of spending several semesters abroad and taking courses taught in English.

The Grande Ecole Program is also known for its personalized support and individualized follow-up of students. You will benefit from quality supervision to help you develop and implement your professional project. In addition, schools offering Grande Ecole Programs maintain close ties with companies, which will make it easier for you to find internships and jobs.

Finally, the Grande Ecole Program allows you to benefit from an extended network of supportive and active alumni around the world. You can thus exchange with professionals who have followed the same curriculum as you and rely on this network to find professional opportunities.

In summary, choosing a Grande Ecole Program means choosing an excellent training program, recognized for its quality and international openness, which will allow you to personalize your curriculum, benefit from personalized support, and an extended alumni network. If you want to give yourself the best chances of success for your career in business, this training program is undoubtedly a wise choice.

They speak about it

"Alongside my studies at Istec Business School, I practice karting at a high level. I’ve been competing for 12 years with 4 years at an international level. Istec allowed me to combine sport and studies by arranging a schedule adapted to my rhythm."


1st year of Master - Class of 2024

Grande Ecole PROGRAM