Bachelor 3 Management & International Business - 100% in English - Istec
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1 week at school / 2 weeks in the company
Start of the school year
September 2023
Bac+3 recognized by the State, RNCP level 6

Management & International Business - 100% in English

The growth of international trade favors the emergence of business opportunities in all sectors of activity. The missions related to international commercial management are very diverse and vary according to the company, its market and its environment.

The “Management & International Business” major, taught entirely in English, enables students to master commercial management in an international and multicultural context. It also teaches them how to manage while considering cultural diversity and the challenges associated with international trade exchanges.


The 3rd year of the Bachelor in Management is divided into 2 parts.

The first part is composed of a core curriculum and the majority of the topics covered are seminars:

  • Team Building Seminar
  • Strategic Marketing Seminar
  • Sales and Distribution Seminar
  • Communication Seminar
  • Omnichannel Customer Relationship Strategy Seminar

Then students enter their major.

During the second semester, the student has the possibility to study abroad for one semester.

During their training, some disciplines are transversal and take place all year round, such as the Voltaire project, TOEIC preparation and the MyStartUp project.

Throughout the year, several certifications are offered to students to validate their level of competence and enrich their CV by publishing the certifications obtained: TOEIC, HubSpot, Projet Voltaire, COSS Soft Skills.


Semester 1: 100% work-study (under an alternated intership contract) in Paris

Semester 2: 100% international – courses taught in English at the host university.

The destinations: Dublin in Ireland, Copenhagen in Denmark, Seville in Spain or Montreal in Canada.

Course modules

  • Digital Marketing & Media Project
  • Social and Economic aspects of Ireland
  • Business Communication skills
  • Intercultural Management
  • International Marketing
  • Omnichannel Customer Relationship Strategy
  • International Geopolitics
  • Professional English
  • In the host country and depending on the destination: Certificate in Digital Marketing and Media, Human Resources, Finance in Business, Sales Management, Corporate Strategy and Communication or Advertising.

Semester abroad

Students take courses in English, attend lectures on international business and visit corporate headquarters where they learn about best practices.

At an istec partner school or university, students attend courses in Marketing, Communication, Sales, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Human Resources and Culture.
The destinations: Dublin in Ireland, Copenhagen in Denmark, Seville in Spain or Montreal in Canada.


  • Export salesman
  • International Business Manager
  • Import-Export Manager
  • Export Area Manager
  • Sales Manager
"As part of my Bachelor's degree in Management at istec, I chose the International Management major in the 3rd year because I like to challenge myself. I wanted to go and discover another country, another culture and another way of learning. I was admitted to EUSA in Seville and chose five courses in advertising, public relations and journalism. All the teachers were very understanding and responsive to each student from different countries. The city of Sevilla has a real sweetness of life and the Sevillians are very warm. I have wonderful memories of this experience."


3rd year - Grande Ecole Program

"Thanks to the International option offered by istec in the third year of the Bachelor's program, I had the opportunity to go to Montreal, Canada, a country I have always dreamed of visiting. I do not regret having made this choice because the experience was incredible. In fact, in addition to strengthening my language skills, this semester allowed me to open up to a new culture which is very beautiful. The courses were very well done in the university of UQAM. I was also able to discover the city but also Quebec and other cities in Canada. I arrived in unknown territory without knowing anyone and it was a pleasant surprise that I would recommend to everyone. It opened many doors for me.


3rd year - Grande Ecole Program


The Team Building seminar at the beginning of the school year

The objective of this seminar is to create the Bachelor in Management 3rd year group which is composed of students already present in the Bachelor program , but also of students who integrate istec after a Bac+2 course in another establishment.

Teams are formed at the beginning of the seminar and students will participate in an inter-school competition. The competition themes evolve both according to current events, but also to innovations that may be launched. For example, students have already worked on circular economy issues or on projects around the BlockChain and the Metaverse.

Creativity, sharing, listening and professionalism are the 4 pillars of this seminar.

The film creation and entrepreneurship seminar

Accompanied by a team of film professionals (directors, producers, editors), the students revisit mythical film scenes and try to reproduce them with the means at their disposal.

The students discover a new world and its business model.

A seminar where each student will be able to use his creativity and skills as a speaker and actor.

A projection of the different creations is made at the end of the seminar in front of a jury of professionals.

Bachelor – french student

Bachelor – international student