Istec exam - apply online
1 week at school / 2 weeks at work
Start of the school year
September 2023 or delayed start of the school year in January 2024
Bac+3 recognized by the State, RNCP level 6

2nd year Bachelor in Management: Experimenting

The 2nd year of the Bachelor in Management allows students to deepen the fundamentals acquired in the 1st year, to master the techniques and strategies of BtoB sales and to discover the basics of a business plan, the tools of project management and omnichannel distribution strategies.


Work-study program

The 2nd year of the Bachelor in Management is exclusively a work-study program to allow you to acquire solid professional experience. The rhythm is 2 days at the school and 3 days in the company.

Marketing - B2C Sales - Communication

Advanced Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Communication
Digital Marketing
Strategy and sales in BtoB
Purchase – Call for bids
Supply chain
Sales force management

Management - Management - Methodology

Corporate Finance
Management control
Consumer behaviour
Innovation management
Digital transformation of companies
Geopolitics and economics
Business Plan Fundamentals
Labour law
Organization theory
Human Resources Management
Methodology of quantitative and qualitative studies and research
Project Management
Office suite
Statistics – financial mathematics

Professional projects and personal development

Field studies
Written and interpersonal communication
Professional behaviour
Missions in companies

"I joined istec in the first year of the Bachelor in Management after the baccalaureate, and I was able to discover the work-study program. I found my company through news sent out by the school. Being able to develop my professional experience and deepen my knowledge simultaneously introduced me to the world of work. Combining classes and seminars throughout the year allowed me to become more fluent. I also had the opportunity to discover more precisely what I like about the world of business."


2nd year Bachelor en Management - Class of 2023

"I've been at istec for two years now and I'm serenely heading towards my 3rd year with the digital marketing major, a field of activity that I didn't know much about before entering this school. Istec allowed me to discover several new professions, to refine my professional project and to acquire experience thanks to numerous internships. Thanks to the numerous group works, I was able to learn how to carry out a project as well as to assert myself, something that for me was originally a real challenge."


2nd year - Bachelor in Management


The negotiation competition

The students work on negotiation techniques during an internal challenge with several key exchanges:

  • Unexpected situations (e.g. a speaker joins a sales exercise with the particularity that he speaks only English)
  • A battle of the chiefs between 2 teachers who are experts in negotiation at the end of the competition.

This exercise is supervised by coaches who give their vision of negotiation to the groups they lead. Beyond the standard negotiation techniques, students can observe the diversity of sensitivity through the personality and modus operandi of each negotiator.

The intrapreneurial project

This program allows students to mobilize their knowledge and skills in operational and strategic marketing, but also to strengthen their skills in marketing research.

Students are asked to conduct a study for a real company and will be required to:

  • Understand the needs of the company and take ownership of its problems
  • Conducting market research from available sources
  • Meet with consumers and/or professionals to conduct quantitative and qualitative studies
  • Formulate detailed recommendations and present them to the company in an oral presentation and in writing