Bachelor 1st year - Istec
phone interview and application form examination
2 days at school / 3 days at the company
Start of the school year
September 2023 or delayed start of the school year in January 2024
Bac+3 recognized by the State, RNCP level 6

1st year Bachelor in Management : Discover

The 1st year of the Bachelor in Management allows students to assimilate fundamental knowledge, to acquire a good understanding of the business issues and to discover their strengths and assets in order to put them to good use in their daily missions. This year can be completed either in an initial course or in a work-study program according to the student’s wishes


Work-study program

Prepare for your future by choosing a work-study program from the first year to acquire solid professional experience in a Bachelor’s degree in Management. The rhythm is 2 days at school and 3 days in the company

Marketing - B2C Sales - Communication

Marketing fundamentals
Customer Relationship Management
Digital Marketing
Corporate Communication
Sales techniques
History of trade
Digital Commerce
Distribution networks

Management - Management - Methodology

Introduction to new business models
Major functions of the company
Human Sciences
Business law
Labour law
Human Resources Management
Methodology of quantitative, qualitative and research studies
Office suite

Professional projects and personal development

Seminar openings
Sector studies
Voltaire Project
Seminar #Bemyself
Professional behaviour
Written and interpersonal communication
Professional networks
Missions in companies
Association projects

I registered through Parcoursup’s platform to join Istec’s Bachelor program. At istec, I’ve been able to enroll in several associations, which allows me to reconcile volunteer work and practice: I apply what I learn throughout my missions and I learn to manage a team in concrete events at school.


1st year - Bachelor in Management

"I discovered that istec offered the possibility to follow a work-study program from the first year of study, which I liked right away. The school supports us individually in our search for work-study assignments (dedicated website, career workshops, job dating, etc.). The lessons are concrete, varied and given by passionate teachers who listen to their students. The participation of the students in the various associations of the school allows us to integrate quickly within the school. Thanks to istec I was able to acquire many professional and personal skills and I am already looking forward to my second year! »

Marie Gémard

1st year - Bachelor in Management


The sector study

The sector study is an economic analysis document on a sector of activity. This course aims to enable students to understand the general environment of a market and its characteristics (companies, customers, products, legislation), the issues at stake and possible developments.

The sector study allows students to acquire a range of practical skills:

  • Learn to source, verify and cross-check information.
  • Decipher the modes of organization, the functioning of the sector, its behaviors as well as its specificities.
  • Identify market experts.
  • Learn how to conduct interviews with experts and collect value-added information.
  • Work on a long-term project.

At the end of the sector study, the student will be able to understand and analyze the sector’s supply, demand, strategy and overall performance.

The marketing seminar

The objective of the marketing seminar is to enable students to understand the ins and outs of strategy by practicing the implementation of a strategic marketing proposal for a product, service or public figure.

In groups of 10 people, the students are put into a real-life situation by defining roles for each: Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Visual Identity Manager, Communication Manager, Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager and Editorial Line Manager.

At the end of this seminar, students make a 10-minute oral presentation of their strategic proposals in front of the entire class in order to familiarize them with the notions of professional posture, oral presentation techniques and the ability to convince.