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Bachelor reconnu par l'Etat, inscrit RNCP Niveau II


The alumni association

ISTEC Association of Former Students


Its aims: To develop services and initiatives to drive forward the graduate network

An association of graduates that is present and active in the life of the school

  • To ensure a lasting relationship between students and graduates,
  • To communicate its activities and run the website:,
  • To contribute to the efficiency of the careers service offered to students and graduates,
  • To publish and update a directory of former students and Newsletters online,
  • Organise events and meetings several times a year to revitalise the network and the links of friendship within it,
  • To plan careers workshops throughout the year for graduates and students to help them in their search for jobs, work placements or block-release training.

Involved graduates who contribute to students’ education on an everyday basis

  • Company welcome whenever work is carried out in the field (market research, applied research, work placements),
  • Sharing personal testimonies and experiences at round table discussions and trade meetings,
  • Advice in the drafting of students’ professional projects and steps to be taken to implement them.

Members of the graduate committee, elected and representing different years and even different generations of ISTEC graduates

Anne REY-FERRER (ISTEC 1993), Chairperson of the Graduates’ Association
Isabelle DOLATA (ISTEC 2005), Vice-Chairperson
Frank THIRY (ISTEC 2001), Treasurer
Jean-Frédéric REZZAZ (ISTEC 2006), General Secretary
Claude WISDORFF (ISTEC 1984), Executive Officer of the Graduates’ Association

Pierre BERIA (ISTEC 1985)
Anne-Lise FOUCHE (ISTEC 2009)
Philippe JULIARD (ISTEC 2009)
Delphin DRUELLE (ISTEC 2010)

Jean-Luc BRET (ISTEC 1968), ex-Chairman of the ISTEC Board of Directors, is an Honorary Member

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Etablissement d’enseignement supérieur privé
Créé en 1961, reconnu par l’Etat, géré par une Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif
Programme Bachelor, diplôme reconnu par l’Etat, inscrit au RNCP niveau II
Programme Grande Ecole, Grade de Master, diplôme reconnu par l’Etat, visé bac+5 par le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, homologué niveau I RNCP.