MBA Digital marketing and E-commerce

Companies like Uber, Netflix or Airbnb did not exist 10 years ago. They all work with new processes, tools and models that require specific skills and an agile mindset.  The MBA Digital Marketing and E-Commerce was designed to prepare future graduates for these new requirements.

To adapt and differentiate itself from competition, companies need experts capable of thinking creatively who take advantage of each step of the digital transition to create new value for the clients and thus new opportunities. The focus of the program is in line with the expectations of a growing sector: define a strategy, generate traffic, manage a web project, retain customers, analyze the performance of a site and identify the impact of communication activities on-line, have become the key actions necessary for the success of a multi-channel company.

The Digital Marketing and E-Commerce program provides the necessary expertise through a wide range of skills related to the digital economy, both in terms of know-how and also in terms of knowing-how-to be.

Opening : 11th of october 2021

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