International MBA Intelligent Manufacturing Management - Istec

智能制造管理 / MBA in Intelligent Manufacturing Management


In today’s complex social environment, especially in the rapidly changing era of big data and artificial intelligence technology, and with more intense industry competition, the management system for traditional manufacturing industries is facing challenges.


How to use the transformation and upgrading of digital and intelligent management as a breakthrough point to discover various drawbacks and shortcomings of manufacturing enterprises or industries, conduct theoretical research on management innovation in the production process, and combine it with practical work to become high-end talents in the field of digital transformation and innovation in traditional manufacturing industry management.

三、项目课程 / project course


Course Introduction: ISTEC Paris High Business Intelligent Manufacturing Management MBA Master’s Program analyzes the digital and intelligent evolution of the manufacturing industry management system, focusing on industry related policies, industry development trends, emerging scientific and technological directions for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry management system. It guides various industries or enterprises to establish new core competitiveness through the optimization and iteration of traditional manufacturing industry management systems, focusing on the logical principles of intelligent manufacturing management, related process analysis, technological applications, system innovation, and other content; Improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise’s production management system around aspects such as production management, digital transformation, and digital management innovation.

    核心课程 / core curriculum

    1、技术管理 / Technical management

    2、智能制造系统 / Intelligent manufacturing system

    3、可持续制造管理 / Sustainable Manufacturing Management

    4、数字化转型与制造业服务 / Digital Transformation and Manufacturing Services

    5、供应链数字化转型 / Digital transformation of supply chain

    6、精益运营与管理 / Lean Operations and Management

    7、数字化与人力资源管理 / Digitalization and Human Resource Management

    8、制造业管理体系技术变革与创新研究 / Research on Technological Transformation and Innovation of Manufacturing Management System

    9、区块链技术及元宇宙概念应用实践及发展趋势 / Application Practice and Development Trends of Blockchain Technology and Metaverse Concept

    10、智能制造管理方向论文工作坊 / Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Management

    11、论文答辩指导 / Thesis defense coaching

    未来的职业发展方向 / Future career development direction

    工业领域需求大 ,智能制造管理技术旨在提高生产效率并降低成本。由此,在工业领域,对于掌握智能制造管理的专业人才的需求十分大。因此,职业前景较好。

    There is a high demand in the industrial field, and intelligent manufacturing management technology aims to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, in the industrial field, there is a great demand for professional talents who master intelligent manufacturing management. Therefore, the career prospects are promising.


    There are also employment opportunities in the Internet industry. Intelligent manufacturing management involves big data, artificial intelligence and other fields, and these technologies are also widely used in the Internet industry. Therefore, graduates majoring in intelligent manufacturing management can also find employment opportunities in the Internet industry. Graduates majoring in intelligent manufacturing management in the Internet industry are mainly engaged in positions related to data analysis, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc.


    The demand for skills is high, and the Intelligent Manufacturing Management major is an interdisciplinary field that involves various technologies, including computer science, mechanical design, sensor technology, etc. Therefore, for those who want to engage in the intelligent manufacturing industry, they need to possess different skills and knowledge. Only through continuous learning and development can one become competitive and gain better career development opportunities.