International MBA Digital cultural and creative management - Istec

数字文创管理 / MBA in Digital cultural and creative management


The ISTEC Paris High Business Digital Creative MBA program enables students to analyze the unique characteristics of the global cultural industry and build a competitive advantage for cultural enterprises with systematic management knowledge. Compare Chinese and foreign philosophical, historical, artistic, and literary theories to enhance one’s sensitivity to the development of international culture. Analyze the business models, market trends, and policy environment of the global cultural industry, and formulate corporate development strategies.


At the same time, it can also provide a deep analysis of Chinese and foreign cultures, clarifying the correct direction for the development of corporate culture in a multicultural context. Utilize professional cultural management theory to conduct scientific and systematic research and analysis on the company’s blueprint. And be able to implement the business plan, ultimately stimulating the development potential of the project and reaping rich wealth.

三、项目课程 / project course

课程简介:数字文创硕士着重培养数字文创领域管理与领导创新型人才。聚焦文创产业的交叉领域,以“突出产业思维”“重视创作基础.“放眼科技前沿”为导向,建立起以产业思维与商务能力为中心,“文化创 意产业管理”、,“媒体创作与科技”、‘数字文旅与会展相互关联的立体化教学体系。从而促进文创产业的繁荣发展。

Course Introduction: The Master of Digital Culture and Creativity focuses on cultivating innovative talents in management and leadership in the field of digital culture and creativity. Focusing on the interdisciplinary fields of the cultural and creative industry, guided by « highlighting industrial thinking », « valuing creative foundations, and » looking at the forefront of technology « , we have established a three-dimensional teaching system centered on industrial thinking and business capabilities, » cultural and creative industry management « , » media creation and technology « , and » digital tourism and exhibition « . Thus promoting the prosperous development of the cultural and creative industry.

    核心课程 / core curriculum

    1、跨文化管理 / Cross-cultural management

    2、文化产业概论 / Management Interculturel

    3、文化创意学 / Cultural Creativity

    4、文化创意产业的战略管理 / Strategic Management of Cultural and Creative Industries

    5、文化创意产业国际市场营销策略 / International Marketing Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries

    6、数字营销 / Digital Marketing

    7、文创产品数字化的规划与设计 / Digital planning and design of cultural and creative products

    8、元宇宙与数字文创 / Metaverse and Digital Cultural Creation

    9、文化创意产业的法规与政策 / Regulations and Policies of Cultural and Creative Industries

    10、数字文创方向论文工作坊 / Digital Cultural Creativity Thesis Workshop

    11、论文答辩辅导 / Thesis defense coaching

    未来的职业发展方向 / Future career development direction


    The Digital Creative and Management major cultivates students with the ability to plan digital strategies, design and develop innovative technology products through digital marketing and promotion. It emphasizes the cultivation of students’ independent thinking and practical problem-solving abilities.


    The positions include digital marketing, digital media planning, online marketing, product manager, strategic planning, etc. In the digital age, the level of enterprise informatization is increasing, requiring a large number of talents with digital and management knowledge, and the salaries of personnel working in this field are also high.