International MBA Digital Transformation Management - Istec

数字化转型管理 / MBA in Digital Transformation Management


The goal of the Digital Transformation Master’s Program is to enhance the training of business oriented enterprises that focus on digital transformation in today’s society; Cultivate digital technology professionals. « Digital transformation » is a popular term today. Most enterprises are actively engaged in digital transformation, but they are not good at reform and management in this field. The most common approach is to use digital tools. But in fact, digital transformation is a complex and comprehensive reform that requires comprehensive control over strategic and execution management.


The ISTEC Paris Business School Master of Business Administration Digital Transformation Program is committed to achieving innovative entrepreneurs with a global perspective, digital thinking, and sustainable development capabilities.


Through the study of this project, students will become innovative talents who lead the digital transformation of enterprises. They will integrate a global perspective with digital thinking, combine enterprise management theory with business practice, study their own cases, jointly explore the forefront of the industry, find suitable models for their own digital transformation, and promote industry development and upgrading.

三、项目课程 / project course


Course introduction: research and application of systematic digital transformation and upgrading of management based on the traditional business management methodology combined with the cutting-edge digital technology and Internet technology. Especially by combining conceptual innovative thinking and forward-looking technology such as blockchain, big data processing, artificial intelligence, and metaverse, theoretical research and practical applications will cultivate avant-garde talents who will lead the future development direction and trend of global digital management technology.

    核心课程 / core curriculum

    1、国际营销 / Marketing International

    2、跨文化管理 / Management Interculturel

    3、危机公关 / Communication De Crise

    4、大数据时代的信息管理 / Information Management in Big Data Era

    5、技术变革与管理创新 / Technological Change and Management Innovation

    6、供应链管理的数字化转型 / Digital Transformation for Supply Chain Management

    7、元宇宙的运用及发展趋势 / The Use and Development Trend of Metaverse

    8、组织管理的数字化转型 / Digital transformation of organisational management

    9、区块链技术的运用与迭代研究 / The use and iteration of blockchain technology

    10、数字化转型方向论文工作坊 / Thesis Work Shop on Digital Transformation

    11、论文答辩辅导 / Thesis defense coaching

    未来的职业发展方向 / Future career development direction


    1.Derived data analysts for digital transformation practices. A data analyst is one of the essential positions in transformation, as they need to collect and analyze enterprise data, as well as make accurate evaluations and predictions.


    2.Digital transformation consulting services, namely data analyst firms. This is bound to be different from traditional consulting in terms of methodology, and currently, there is a shortage of talents and experts and firms with practical experience in this field, making it a promising industry direction.


    3.Digital transformation service platform. The difference between digital service platforms and traditional software companies is that in addition to providing development capabilities, they also have the ability to transform business needs into technical requirements. The Datahoop platform, which is more knowledgeable about digital transformation, makes data analysis operations simpler, and can easily complete various operations such as data processing, data preprocessing, data modeling, and data visualization without frequent switching of tools, adding bricks and tiles to the digital transformation of enterprises.