International MBA in Management Psychology - Istec

管理心理学 / MBA in Management Psychology


Psychology is a science about studying motivation. The training goal of ISTEC’s Management Psychology MBA is to enable students to better integrate business processes with psychology, apply the principles of psychology in various fields of business management, integrate consumer behavior surveys that influence business decisions into data collection and conclusion analysis, so as to more accurately implement business applications and achieve better business benefits.

三、项目课程 / project course


Course Introduction: Management Psychology, also known as Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the West, is a discipline that studies the behavioral patterns and underlying psychological mechanisms of individuals in organizational management activities. It belongs to the research category of psychology and is an important branch of psychology. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of theory and the gradual expansion of its application scope, management psychology has developed into an independent discipline, playing an increasingly important role in China’s socialist market economy and modernization construction.

    核心课程 / core curriculum

    1、社会心理学 / Sociologie et Management

    2、商业伦理 / Ethique des affaires

    3、危机公关 / Communication De Crise

    4、跨文化传播 / Cross-Cultural Management

    5、管理心理学研究 / Management psychology

    6、消费心理与行为研究在市场营销中的运用 / The use of consumer psychologyand behaviour research in marketing

    7、压力和情绪管理 / Stress and Emotion Management

    8、企业法律风险控制与管理 / Enterprise legal risk control and Management

    9、元宇宙的运用及发展趋势 / The use of metaverse and future trends

    10、组织行为学与领导力提升 / Innovation of organizational behavior and leadership

    11、管理心理学方向论文工作坊 / International Supply Chain risk management and control strategies

    12、论文答辩辅导 / Thesis defence coaching

    未来的职业发展方向 / Future career development direction


    1.Civil servants. Recruiting psychology graduate students as civil servants is generally within the public security system: public security bureaus, reeducation through labor centers, prisons, border checkpoints, etc. are all possible destinations. Some units have strict physical requirements for hired personnel, and some even require physical fitness tests.


    2.Enterprise. Psychology graduate students mainly engage in headhunting (talent agency), corporate consulting, and human resource management when going to enterprises. Psychology graduate students and students majoring in human resource management are different. Psychology students advocate for humanized management and complement human resource management students. However, due to people’s limited understanding of psychology, students in the psychology department are not as competitive as those in human resource management.


    3.Psychological counselors. From the current situation in China, simply engaging in psychological counseling work may not be able to maintain a certain standard of living in this domestic industry. To have the salary of foreign peers, it is necessary to explore.


工作单位:上海恒顺旅行(集团)有限公司 职务:副总经理


工作单位:罗氏诊断产品(上海)有限公司 职务:产品经理


工作单位:昆山科森科技股份有限公司 职务:董事长特助


工作单位:江苏航鑫交通科技有限公司 职务:总经理


工作单位:太仓盖兹汽车零部件有限公司 职务:总经理


工作单位:聊城市春润心理有限公司 职务:总经理


工作单位:勃林格殷格翰 职务:大区总监