Why choose ISTEC ?

To do a high-level training course in business and marketing

  • Set up in 1961, ISTEC is recognized by the State since 1978 and a member of the Conference of High-Level Schools.
  • The Program Bac+3 Bachelor (A-Levels+3) gives a Bac+3 degree, agreed by the Minister of Higher Teaching, of Research and Innovation, enrolled at RNCP (National Repertoire of Professional Certifications) National level 6 (European nomenclature),
  • The program Bac+5 (A-levels +5) High-Level Schools gives a Bac+5 degree, agreed by the Minister of Higher Teaching, of Research and Innovation, agreed Master Grade by the CEFDG (Commission of Assessment of Trainings and Management Degrees) and enrolled at RNCP (National Repertoire of Professional Certifications), level 7 (European nomenclature).

To benefit from a flexible course and a personaliable course

  • A course mixing theory and practice, with yearly company internships initially in France and abroad, or a few days per week during the whole year, in a company, in an internship course.
  • Initial or internship: it is you who chooses the way you wish to do your training: every year, you choose a course that is adapted to your wishes and your budget.              ,
  • Specializations: you choose your specialization towards the end of the course: 4 specializations to choose from in 3rd year Bachelor and 8 specializations to choose from in 5th year High-Level School.

To open up to the World and discover other cultures and horizons

  • Up to 4 terms of study abroad in the High-Level School program and 1 term in the Bachelor program,
  • Internships abroad are possible each year,
  • 35 nationalities on the Campus from visiting students, from all over the world.

To progressively integrate the professional life

  • Academic learning and professional experience: each student tries out his/her knowledge through progressive learning in companies, thus acquiring up to 5 years professional experience parallel to the studies.
  • Different models of internship are possible as of 1st year studies: professionalization contract, apprenticeship contract, alternated internships, permanent or non-permanent part-time contracts.
  • An ISTEC incubator is available to listen to and help students who have a project on setting up their own business.

You are unique: your courses are also.

ISTEC is a member of "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles". What is a "Grande école" exactly ?