Zoom on Christopher VEGEAIS, student in 4th. year (EN)

Hello Christopher, can you tell us what you have done up to now ?

I was born in Belgium, an American mother and French father. I went to High School in Belgium and got my A-Levels there. Then, I continued my higher level studies at the Bogaerts school, based in Bruxelles, in a partnership with ISTEC, and obtained my 3rd year degree. I had already been to ISTEC and decided to continue my studies here in Paris for my 5th year degree.

So what do you think of your 4th year all in English at ISTEC ? 

As soon as I arrived I felt very comfortable in this warm and open-minded school. Regarding the classes, I can follow them easily in English and have been able to better my business vocabulary.

During this first year for me at ISTEC, I have been able to make various group projects. This has helped me to improve my knowledge and know-how. I particulary love the teaching methods which will enable me to enter the professional world a lot easier.

Why did you decide to choose this cursus ?

This international training will enable me to find work all over the world and easily integrate different cultures.

What are your expectations ?

Thanks to this training, I hope to gain a different vision of the world and international business and also acquire new knowledge.

In the short and long term, what are your professional projects and objectives ?

In the short term, I would like to work as a manager in a company. Afterwards, my objective is to set up my own company based on import and export.