Training Dating ISTEC (EN)

One of the missions of the Company Relationships service is to organize meetings between students and companies to facilitate recruiting trainees.

A Training Dating was organised in December 6, on our campus, to gather together students and companies.

About twenty companies were present, from various sectors such as marketing, business, human ressources, events …more than  50 training plans on offer.

During this pleasant meeting, many students signed up for training courses, others were recruted and short-listed for interviews currently in companies . Overall, it was very positive and the students along with the partners were delighted. We’ll do it again !

Some of the companies who were there :

Sunapsis, Colbert Patrimoine Invest, Lean de Vie, Jobmania, Vous Financer, Talented Minds
The Keepers, Delos Apei 78, Delos Apei 78, Restaurant Buddha-Bar, 100%Golf Agency, Immojeune, Le Bus Direct Paris Aeroport, Advanced System Solutions, Sunevit Company International, Sunevit Company International, 404 Place Vendôme, Synergie…