The Seminar Big/Smart Data (EN)

The « Big/smart data » seminar takes place during the first term of 5th year in the ISTEC Masters level Top School., so as to give students the opportunity of understanding the stakes involved in acquiring a first genuine experience in this activity.

No other school does this, to date; the « Big data » seminar involves theory and application on real professional software.

Hence, ISTEC expresses its wish to train operational professionals as soon as they enter the Masters 2 training program

Ronald Boucher, a research-professor at ISTEC opened this seminar and called on the Synomia company, which has developed a smart data software, specialized in semantic analysis with structured and unstructured information from the web.

The seminar is part of a training process based on applying a genuine request from a partner company.

Last year, the students and the pedagogical team worked on a brand of feminine luxury underwear. The objectives were to establish the « wording » of luxury feminine underwear and the consumer trends along with the buyers.

The seminar took place over 5 days with a final presentation to the client on Friday afternoon. It was praised by the members of the partner company and will be integrated for future use in the department.

Mr. Ronald Boucher, Doctor in Sociology of Organizations and Responsible for the specialization

 « Operational & Digital Marketing » in 5th year.