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Scientific Council

The role of the Scientific Council

Its role is to contribute to reflection on the role and development of scientific research at ISTEC. The Scientific Council, made up of well-known researchers, heads of laboratories or research programmes of the university world, has the role of contributing to the reflection on ISTEC’s scientific environment and on the “research” project that it sustains.
Representing the scientific community, it helps to throw light on the main thrusts of direction to be taken and it contributes to monitoring and steering ISTEC’s research policy.

Members of the scientific council :

Faouzi BENSEBAA : PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – University Lecturer – Université de Paris VIII

Julienne BRABET : PhD Sociology, Authorisation to Conduct Research and Agrégation teaching qualification in Management Science – University Lecturer, Paris-Est Créteil, Vice-Chairperson of the European Academy of Management, Vice-Chairperson of the French Academy of Management

Jérôme MERIC : PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – HEC graduate – University Lecturer, CEREGE Université de Poitiers

Yvon PESQUEUX : Chairman of the Scientific Council of ISTEC: ENS Cachan – PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – Lecturer at CNAM and chair of Organisational Systems Development, Former Chair of IFSAM – International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, Chief Editor of “Society and Business Review”

Denise ROUSSEAU : Ph.D. Industrial Psychology, University of California at Berkeley – H.J. Heinz II University Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University – Former Chair of the Academy of Management