“Nations that effectively exploit and manage their knowledge assets are the best performers. Firms with more knowledge consistently perform better” (Oslo Manual, 2nd edition).

Creation of a Chair in Innovation SciencesTM

ISTEC’s Chair in Innovation SciencesTM aims to develop, on a national and international scale, applied research programs and operational training of excellence, in synergy with a network of evolving corporate sponsors, with a track record or in the making (startups). To do so, it relies on multidisciplinary teams of teacher-researchers, experts and a pool of DBA students and PhD students.

The main areas of research:

  1. Knowledge systems, innovation and performance
  2. Collective intelligence and organizational innovation in the digital and Internet age
  3. Scientific foundations of innovation: the keys to adaptation
  4. Applications and prospects: opening up new markets by repositioning or hybridizing technical fields, strategic learning and evaluation methods, human development.

The pedagogical objectives of the chair :

  • To know the theoretical and methodological reference frames useful for designing an enlightened and instrumented company strategy.
  • To understand the scientific and epistemological foundations that support them, their limits and their complementarities.
  • Know how to apply them to current or future professional projects and within the framework of collective and multicultural strategies.
  • To measure the implications and the managerial, commercial, societal, economic or technical applications.

What are the benefits?

  • Research topics at the height of the company’s societal and technological evolutions, for which, due to their complexity, there are no ready-made solutions.
  • The constantly updated capital of knowledge and experience of the teams of teacher-researchers and experts to support the learning and action of companies, skillfully explore possibilities and potentialities, and take the necessary strategic distance.
  • A convergence of thought and a proximity of language with the company.
  • A training program and a pedagogical adaptation in coherence with innovative situations.

A dedicated team of ISTEC researchers:

Adel Aloui
Dominique Baruel-Bencherqui
Gilbert Giacomoni
Karim Kefi
A team of Innovation experts

To join the chair : Please contact Géraldine ERNST, Director of Corporate Relations : g.ernst@istec.fr, 01 40 40 20 30.

Terms and tax advantages :

Our patrons support the chair’s activities in the form of donations. In return, they receive a tax receipt entitling them to a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amounts paid, up to a limit of 5 per thousand of turnover, if they are subject to income tax or corporation tax (Article 238 Bis of the CGI).