The pedagogy of Carine FARIAS at ISTEC (EN)

The main objective of the entrepreneurial classes taught at ISTEC to 3rd year Bachelor students and First and Second year Master students ‘Grande Ecole’, is to bring the students to better understand the setting-up of an organization, in order to be more confident and motivated for the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur. We underline the particular features of entrepreneurship, understood as a social process of co-creation in an uncertain environment. Based on theoretical perpectives  and new methods such as the « lean startup », these classes unlock know-how on decision making and market building. By so doing, students are encouraged to become responsible and take time to think while questionning entrepreneurship as a social and economic phenomenon.

By so developing their capacity of analysis and their critical spirit, ISTEC students are prepared for a professional environment that changes permanently and can thus evolve and face up to the changes they will encounter.

Carine Farias is a research-professor at ISTEC.

More information to add to the teaching, here are some books to be read :

Read, Sarasvathy, Dew and Wiltbank (2016). Effectual Entrepreneurship. (2nd edition) Routledge Ries (2011). The lean startup. Crown Business.