The ISTEC Promotion Office (EN)

The BPI, Bureau of Promotion of ISTEC, plays an essential part at ISTEC. This association is in charge of the school’s promotion and is the first step between the Isteciens and future students of ISTEC.

It is made up of Isteciens from the Bachelors program and the Grande Ecole ; the BPI aims at :

  • Sharing the vision of Isteciens
  • Increasing the notoriety of the school
  • Showing how valuable the various cursus are.

Regular action is necessary at ISTEC to achieve this. This is why the members of the association accompany the ISTEC teams to promote the school and participate in many events such as presentations in high schools, students’ specials and Open Doors Days

The BPI means a lot of disipline, hard work and involvement. But mainly, it is about handing on know-how in good humour !

Camille LEMAIRE, Nicolas JULIENNE and Tiffany RAULOT are the 3 responsible for the BP this yearI.
Motivated, involved and together, they really do their job seriously and prove that the future team will have the know-how !