Symposium on the theme of employability (EN)

INCG SETIF and ISTEC PARIS, in partnership with AGRH, organized in September 24, 2016 a symposium on the theme of employability. This day was highly successful with more than 200 attendees from the academic, professional and institutional environments.

The morning was dedicated to two round tables. The first was the theme on employability : « A temporary game or a sustainable opportunity for employees of companies ? » by Mr.Ould Sidi Mohamed (Director of the Bureau of OIT, Algiers), Pr. Mohamed Bouchakour (HEC Algiers) and Dr. Leyla Rahmouni (International expert in HR, Canada). The second round table was presented by Pr. Mohamed Matmati on sharing pedagogical knowledge (Grenoble School of Management) and Pr. Charles Henri Besseyre des Horts (HEC Paris)  who demonstrated a panorama of major stakes of the company to develop  employability. The debates on these tables were very worthwhile for all the participants.

The afternoon was the opportunity for the all the researchers to present their ideas on the theme of employability. Also, discussions were held on the stakes and responsibilities of teaching institutions and professional integration of degree-holders, training and labor and how relative the work place is, etc.

The day ended with a prize award for the best communicators which was given to Oussedik Amine and Yanat Zahir « Strategy of public establishments of higher education and sustainable employment : an approach based on fundamental competence and the reflective practice ».The prize for the best PhD communicators was awarded to Hadj Kaddour Nasreddine and Assya Khiat  « Employability and students’ professional integration».

One of the best pieces of work on communication, directed by Ms. Dominique Baruel Bencherqui was published in November entitled « Employability » at ‘MAéditions’ (editions Eska).