Interview of Quentin Bridon, qualified at ISTEC in 2016

How did you get this idea?
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur which is why I chose Istec !

During my studies I took advantage of being able to observe the world of companies and the needs of consumers for instance. Having had various experience in restaurants, I was really attracted by this environment. Hence, I was interested in finding a concept, something new and different. For many reasons, I went for Street Food and at the beginning for the Food Truck idea.

Why Thai food ?
Because it’s really good, isn’t it ?

Seriously speaking, it’s a personal choice I made : I am interested in Asian culture. During a trip to Thailand, I loved the Street Food way and was interested in the food. It is also the result of a Market Study/ marketing/and consumers that my choice was made.

Why  a Food Truck ?
It is a great way to start a food business – you can move around, reach out to a large target, have many offers, and less risks than a fixed retaurant. It is also the best means to bring  Street Food onto the Paris roads. I also wanted THAÏMING to have a strong brand image  (design, packaging, modernity), which I find is really lacking in Parisian Food Trucks.

How long have you been working at this ?
It’s a project that came into being during my 4th year at Istec. I set up THAÏMING in September 2016  and opened in  January 2017.

What did ISTEC bring to you ?
It is obviously ISTEC that gave me the framework necessary to evolve in and the time to spend on this project ! More than doing my training course in 4th year, I was also able to to use it for the end of my development studies. Some advice from teachers helped me stand back and think. Actually, I would like to thank once again Ms. Wary (Incubateur) and Mr. Lefaix  (former teacher at ISTEC).

How did you finance it ?
I managed to secure a loan.

Where is the truck presently?

Today, our timetable is organized on 4 places, at lunchtime only :

  • At 24 rue Salomon de Rotschild in Suresnes, with the Chemistry Agency (Publicis)
  • At 141 rue de Javel in the 15th quarter in Paris, at Lexisnexis (Edition)
  • On the Esplanade of the Défense, twice weekly in a partnership with the Defacto group.

We are also starting to participate in events (Afterwork or Private partnerships with for instance Renault France.

You can see where we are every day by checking out Facebook & Instagram.ïming-430255510640435/

What about your receipes ?
THAÏMING offers tailor-made formules : the clients choose the size of the box, the sauce, the meat and all the other ingredients. This means that we can make hundreds of different kinds of combinations so that each dish is unique, as required by the clients’ taste or hunger.

We have special Thai deserts and starters that are adapted to seasonal food, boxes that are made up of the famous Pad Thai, the menu is varied and regularly changed according to the Chef’s ideas while maintaining our basics, (Green or Red Curry, Satay, Signature Sauce, rice mixed with mango or coconut milk etc.

How do you make them?
Every day, our dishes are made up by a real Thai chef who only uses quality products, to re-create the genuine taste of Thai street food.

What about the price ?
From €7,50 to €14,50.

It is important for me to serve quality that corresponds to the prices of Thai street food.

Nowadays, people, particularly in Paris are used to eating well : they want the quality, even in take-away food when they have to eat in a hurry at lunchtime.

Clients’ feedback ? Satisfied ?
This is the most important thing for me. I have been able to see a fast loyalisation and a positive word of mouth effect ! Thus, I am very satisfied with this and am always asking for positive and negative feedback.

What next ? Projects ? Ambitions ?
I am definitely not going to stop here. I am happy with the launch which makes me want to go further. Even if I am contented for the moment with THAÏMING Food Truck, I already have ideas to expand my activities. I am going to wait for a year, for time to think, stand back and make a decison.