Publications Dominique BARUEL-BENCHERQUI (EN)

Dr. Dominique Baruel-Bencherqui is the Director of Research in the science of management and research-professor at ISTEC, also associated researcher at ‘Prism Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne’.

Following the presentations at the symposium on employability co-organised in September 24, 2016 by INCG SETIF and ISTEC Paris in partnership with AGRH, Madame Baruel-Bencherqui has just published a piece of work entitled « Employability »  at editions MA – ESKA.

This work is in relation to her themes of research – which are mainly employability and innovation – and deals with various ideas such as:  mobility, social capital, trust and loyalisation, and involves  the impact of employability on management of human ressources. There is a main focus on the state of employability in Algeria, Tunisia and Burkina Faso.

«Employability » directed by Dominique Baruel-Bencherqui (2016)