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Find out more about the specialisations of the Bachelor’s degree programme


Objectives: practise complex sales techniques and international commercial management techniques.

  • Sales and negotiation of a product and service: transactional analysis, drawing up sales pitches/objections, filmed vivas, commercial management.
  • Commercial management: commercial activities plan, data collection and analysis, commercial strategies, creating customer loyalty, drafting commercial proposals, drawing up a management dashboard, consumer law, company practice case studies,
  • e-business: design of a website, buzz marketing, e-reputation, community management.
  • International action: environment analysis, geopolitics, canvassing methods, invitations to tender, intercultural management, negotiation in English, international law.
  • The numerous interventions of sales professional
  • The implementation and presentation of a complete commercial project.

Salesperson, head of sales, business engineer, key account manager, account manager, technical sales engineer, department manager, product manager, researcher, store manager, etc.


Objectives: Specialising in operational terms in the job areas of web-marketing, e-commerce and digital communication. Students will develop expertise enabling them to create and manage the digital world of a brand.

Principal study modules:

  • Law and legislation
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • e-marketing and communication case studies
  • The Cloud and collaborative tools
  • Digital businesses
  • IT tools (internet and computer graphics)
  • Training partnerships with leading internet companies.
  • Operational training led by internet professionals.
  • The group implementation and presentation of a complete web-marketing and e-commerce project for a real company

Communication officer or Web communication officer, Web-marketing officer, Brand manager, Computer graphics designer, e-Store manager, Website manager, Community manager, Consultant/expert in SEO/SEA and SMO indexing, e-Business consultant.


Semester 1: Under a 100% block release arrangement (under an alternating work placement/study contract) in English in Paris
Semester 2: 100% abroad: studies in English in a foreign university and work placement abroad of a minimum duration of two months.

Specific objectives: Acquire the most recent knowledge and skills in relation to international business development. Identify expanding sectors, strong growth areas and innovative companies and start-ups.

Teaching given in English:

  • International sales strategy
  • Negotiation and sales
  • International invitations to tender
  • Development assistance
  • European lobbying
  • Geopolitics
  • International business law
  • Purchases on the markets
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Business models
  • International taxation
  • Intercultural management
  • Project management
  • Corporate finance
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility…
  • One semester abroad with three months in a European capital to put your knowledge into practice and speak English in a professional context. This semester in Europe is an opportunity to experience personal growth, discover a city of business and a different culture and methods of working.
  • Students attend lectures on Marketing, Communication, Sales, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Culture in a school or partner university of ISTEC. In addition to teaching, there are professional meet-ups, cultural visits and visits to local companies. The structured and guided semester of studies abroad is supplemented by a more personal period of intercultural discovery through a work placement with an international dimension (minimum duration of two months)

Export assistant or salesperson, international business engineer, international buyer, export product manager, export area head, international broker, as well as the area of creation or takeover of companies abroad.

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