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Visé bac+5

Bachelor reconnu par l'Etat, inscrit RNCP Niveau II



The international specialisation and the Bachelor’s degree programme

ISTEC’s International Bachelor’s degree programme: Among the specialisations offered in the third year of the Bachelor’s degree programme, the International specialisation enables students to attend the first semester of classes at ISTEC, 100% in English. Then, in the second semester, students study in Dublin at the school’s partner university, the International School of Business

This semester abroad enables students to discover a new culture and new methods of working. Schedules are arranged to enable students to find a student job, allowing them to fund their time abroad.

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Private institution of higher education
Created in 1961 Recognized by the State Managed by an Association law 1901
Bachelor Program, A-Levels + 3 degree recognized by the State, registered at RNCP level II.
Business School Program,Master Level, Degree recognized by the State, stamped A-Levels + 5 recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research,equivalent to RNCP I.