Bachelor’s degree year 1


Objectives:  Deliver a solid package to students and thereby enable them to better understand the challenges linked to their professional pathway. The programme, which is open to the business world, imparts knowledge on the different market players.


  • A 3-day workshop examining the economic fabric of the Île-de-France region, giving students an insight into commerce and entrepreneurship
  • Carrying out an economic activity study
  • An association workshop

Training at the beginning

  • 2 work placements: one month in a store and one month in a company.
  • Additional classes: competitive strategies, organisational theory, management mathematics, origins of world trade, law and taxation, introduction to financial markets, etc.

Block release curriculum (under an alternating professional training/study or work placement/study contract)

  • 2 days of classes and 3 days in a company per week.

The teaching is given in the form of real company scenarios to be worked on in small groups and subsequently reproduced in front of the rest of the class.

Marketing – Commerce – Communication:

  • Basics of marketing
  • Marketing mix
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Sales techniques
  • Communication
  • Customer behaviour
  • B2C distribution

Administration – Management – Entrepreneurship:

  • Functioning of the economy
  • Company organisation
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Law
  • Finance

Professional tools:

  • CV and company search workshop
  • Telephone workshop
  • Public speaking
  • IT and modern languages (English)

LOGO roland-garros

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has been ISTEC’s education partner for over 25 years.
Students participate in the operational marketing and promotion of French Open products during the iconic Tennis Championship. Sales, logistics, merchandising, management, etc. – a true in-the-field application of the lessons taught during the year!
In the context of the partnership, the FFT is closely associated with education at ISTEC and in particular with marketing and events-related learning. Students experience the tournament from behind the scenes and participate in the most media-friendly French sporting event of the year.

Goals: At least 15 days of sales (in-the-field sales activities) are to be carried out during the first year

  • Welcoming and advising clients
  • Creating client loyalty by means of a tournament-specific sales pitch
  • Promotion of the French Open image through a high-quality client service
  • Sales
  • Setting-up of merchandising
  • Fitting-out and arrangement of the Point of Sale
  • Reception of goods as stock
  • Arrangement of stock
  • Preparation and monitoring of orders
  • Deliveries of orders to Points of Sale
  • Stocktaking


Get an insight

The members of the Associations Office, responsible for association life at ISTEC, provide first-year students with around forty hours of lessons and guidance in implementing an “association project”. In this way, they jointly create an association of use to everyone in the school (project management, creation of a budget, studying association laws).

Personal testimony

Personal testimony

Charles DAVOINE – 1st year

By joining the Bachelor’s degree programme, I have been able to acquire an in-depth knowledge of commercial methodologies, techniques and practices through theoretical classes and regular situational simulations. Different working groups have given us valuable lessons about working in a team and in a company. Associations, which are a big part of life at ISTEC, allow us to participate in many events outside of class, which is very rewarding from a human relations and professional point of view.

The network of partner companies and ISTEC graduates has also been very useful to me: after having taking part in the “speed-dating” style job interviews and rubbing shoulders with partner companies at different school events, I found my future employer for my block release period in second year: I am starting a post as a sales assistant in an aeronautics company.

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