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Innovating teaching


ISTEC has been in existence for over 50 years and has always been able to strike the right balance between academic teaching and innovative teaching.

Always having the courage to try something new is the approach taken by ISTEC, which has set itself the goal of providing guidance to its students so that they become efficient, agile and responsible professionals.

It is within this spirit of innovative teaching that ISTEC has been organising a TEDxIstec since 2015.

Led by Philippe Bastien, director of the M.E.C “Marketing, Events & Communication” Master’s degree programme and the Digital & Communication Bachelor’s degree programme, the 25 students of the M.E.C Master’s programme have pinpointed tomorrow’s #‎FOODFORTHOUGHTS trends for the 2015/2016 TEDxIstec.

These trends will be presented by relevant, charismatic speakers, who will share their experiences in the setting of TEDxIstec on 5 March 2016.

Reserve your tickets before it’s too late:  ‪

For the second consecutive year, this TEDxIstec is entirely designed, created and organised by the students. This event is an integral part of their programme of studies and is graded.

#FOODFORTHOUGHTS #TEDxIstec 2016 with Anne-Charlotte Philippe, Morgane Calascibetta, Loïc Forgnone, Nicolas Baudin, Xavier Lebrun, Alice Fournet, Maria Dmitrievna Goncharova, Kravensten Krinonri, Fiona Crespin, Laura Zago, Devan Ahmed, Quentin Bridon, Arthur Bobelicou, Marie Decla, Léa Frimerman, Valentin Declerck, Chani Ronez, Tiffany Waelde, Lisa Youssef, Floriane Blanchard, Marie Hazan, Florian Davy, Bruno Bartoszek, Juliette Huze and Rémi Slama.

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