Guidance for students in their company creation project

For the past few years, the ISTEC incubator has been opening its doors to all students or groups of students developing entrepreneurial projects and seeking support in this process.


– For students whose objective is to advance their idea, their innovative concept or their desire to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, the ISTEC incubator holds a series of meetings every week (workshops, think tanks, personal testimonies by entrepreneurs, general information). Each of the members receives a project record setting out the situation at the “Pre-Incubator” entry stage and in particular the objectives to be achieved by the end of the academic year.

– For more advanced students whose objective is to achieve the success of their creation project in the short-term, more specific and personalised guidance is offered in several stages:

1- An interview with a steering committee held at the start of the academic year to globally present the concept and the state of advancement of the work. The students are provided with guidance by the ISTEC incubator manager to ensure that they are optimally prepared for this interview. If the project is viable in the opinion of the panels, the student can then benefit from the other guidance services.

2- Progress record over the year and dedicated guidance: regular stocktakes with the incubator manager on the objectives attained and those still to be attained. Coaching service on leadership, how to create your business plan, how to draw up a pitch to attract investors and how to manage your company on an everyday basis.

A report is drawn up at the end of the academic year for each of the active members, whatever their stage of advancement. The principle is that each student is truly overseen, “tutored” in parallel with their academic course.