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New school year (2nd round) in February

Grande Ecole

New school year (2nd round) in February:


Would you like to change pathways and take a new direction now? Do not waste a year: ISTEC offers you the opportunity to join its Grande Ecole programme from 1 February 2016!

An intensive teaching programme allows you to benefit from the same programme content as students that joined ISTEC in October and therefore not to waste a year.

The new school year (2nd round) can be accessed by candidates wishing to join ISTEC in:

  • First year (Baccalaureate obtained)
  • Fourth year (endorsed Bac+3 or 180 ECTS)


You will attend intensive compensatory seminars and you will also catch up on the first semester teaching on specific days.

Receive the teaching of the first year:

Acquiring the basic knowledge in management – Beginning of the personal career pathway

The first year allows students to acquire basic knowledge of commerce, marketing and management, discover the world of business and begin to create their personal and professional career plan. The teaching is supplemented with support and guidance on methods, time management, priorities management and teamwork.

Focus on a highlight:

Sectoral study: marketing and strategic analysis of an economic sector and of a product or a service. This study is the central theme of the acquisition of basic knowledge in marketing.

Personalised guidance:

Each student is individually monitored by a lecturer or a professional associated with the school. This coach will enable the student to:

define their personal and professional motivations,
identify their skills and personal qualities… and their areas of growth
use to their best advantage the teaching given and the experiences generated by the work carried out.

Work placement and sales and marketing activity in the field:
15 days (of business activity in the field) and the possibility of participating in the French Open in the context of sales or merchandising experience.
A minimum of 2 months’ work placement in France or abroad to find out about business within sales and marketing roles.

The 10 principal modules:
Marketing mix
Communication Seminar
Digital Marketing
Canvassing, commercial relations, sales techniques
Law and taxation
Corporate finance
Coaching in oral communication
Modern languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.)

Association life
New students are welcomed by older students, members of the Associations Office (BDA) and ISTEC association leaders. They provide guidance during the initial years in implementing a new association project.


You will catch up on the first semester teaching on specific training days until May, then you will have a period of work placement of at least two months.

Receive the teaching of the fourth year:

In-depth study of management concepts
The fourth year sees students consolidate their knowledge in managing complex issues (change management, risk management, conflict management, etc.) as part of an international curriculum or as part of a block release curriculum.

Governance, strategies and company policies are covered. The analysis of projects or of company paths constitutes firm rooting for your knowledge.

Focus on a highlight:
“The personal challenge” – personal work carried out over the year – serves to enhance the structuring of original individual thought within the social sphere.

Work placement in an international context:
Work placement: two to four months if possible in an international context.
Block release arrangement under an alternating professional training/study or apprenticeship/study contract or work placement/study contract.

The principal modules:

  • Web Marketing and communication
  • Purchasing and Negotiation
  • Business Plan
  • Business Venture
  • Feasibility studies and business models
  • Geopolitics and lobbying
  • Corporate and international finance
  • Project Management
  • Sustainable Development/ Business ethics and CSR

Choice of areas of expertise:

  • Web marketing and modernism
  • Financial studies
  • Communication and events
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Business development
  • Luxury industry
  • CSR and innovation
  • Information systems

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