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The ISTEC degree is State-recognised:

The State recognises the Master’s degree: it is recognition of the work carried out by ISTEC in management science research and academic excellence.

It is classified at Bac+5 level by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and accredited at level I (highest level of qualification) in the National Directory of Professional Certifications – RNCP.

These classifications of the degree, the highest which can be obtained, place ISTEC among the most renowned and experienced Bac+5 schools: creation in 1961, recognised by the State since 1978 and degree endorsed since 1986.

Overview of French business schools:

  • 200 training courses in commerce and management in France
  • 78 schools are State-recognised and issue an officially endorsed degree.
  • 40 schools recruit directly after the BAC
  • Only 20 offer a Bac+5 curriculum in accordance with the European LMD system.
  • Only 12 issue a Master’s degree: ISTEC is one of them
  • Created in 1961, ISTEC is one of the oldest ones.

The ISTEC Master’s degree endorsed at Bac+5 level, accredited at level I (highest qualification level), pursuant to the European LMD and international systems, has more value on the employment market and provides easier access to posts of responsibility.

In addition to the fact that this endorsement and the master’s level qualification ensure a high degree of recognition for the school, it allows young graduates to benefit from many advantages:

  • Access to any kind of postgraduate cycle.
  • Recruitment by major French and foreign companies.
  • International recognition.
  • Higher salaries within collective labour agreement pay scales.
  • Access to the services of the French Managers’ Employment Association.


In partnership with ENIM – Metz National School of Engineers, ISTEC offers a double course – Engineer-Manager – to meet the new expectations of French and international companies.

At the end of the course, students obtain both the ISTEC Master’s degree and the ENIM degree. For ISTEC students who choose this pathway in fifth year, in addition to the ISTEC degree, they are awarded the national Master’s degree in logistics chain management, awarded by ENIM.

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