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The international dimension has priority status at ISTEC; it is particularly evident in:

  • the option to follow the international curriculum in fourth year and 100% specialisation in English in fifth year,
  • the semesters of studies carried out at a foreign university in second, third and fourth year of the Grande École Programme
  • the weight given to teaching in relation to the international development of markets,
    the preparation for official examinations (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.). In 2015, as in previous years, fifth year ISTEC students obtained very good scores in these examinations: average of 820 out of 990 in the TOEIC (average of French Bac+5 graduates: 754),
  • in-depth study of foreign languages, including English, and the possibility of starting a new one (Chinese, etc.)
  • the weight given to teaching and assignments in foreign languages,
  • learning about intercultural relations,
  • teaching seminars held abroad,
  • everyday relations with foreign students staying in France in the context of international exchange agreements,
  • in addition, students have the option of carrying out all their work placements abroad.


Témoignage etudiant international

First experience abroad: Take-off for Ireland!

Marine MEGE, third year student in the Grande Ecole Programme shares her experience with us: ”For my first semester abroad, I went to study in Dublin. This was not a rash choice: I wanted to discover a country with a completely different culture to ours. Also, being very keen to learn the language of Shakespeare, I preferred to choose a destination where English is spoken on a daily basis.

The classes held by the International School of Business meet this requirement and are enhancing my skills. The school follows a programme related to the ISTEC curriculum: Marketing & media, Business English, Finance and accounting, Intercultural communications, economic and social aspects of Ireland… The educational approach of ISB – “Work hard, play hard” – reflects that of Ireland: we must invest equally in our studies and in our personal development through professional, foreign and cultural exchanges.
Dublin is become increasingly popular with international students as we can study in a friendly, multicultural environment.

Irish history is of course extremely rich; the Irish are open-minded, friendly and always ready to help us. The atmosphere is very festive, particularly in pubs with Irish music: a highlight of Irish culture! I have adapted very well to my new student life; I hope that these next few months in Dublin will bring me even more personal growth, greater knowledge and more discoveries”.
Contact: Marine MEGE –

Témoignage etudiant international

Work placement in the luxury sector in Hong Kong

Alban DESAZARS DE MONTGAILHARD, a fifth year student in the Grande École Programme shares his experience with us: “Deciding to go to the Far East with its countless cultures should not be a spur of the moment decision. I am adventurous and curious by nature and Hong Kong was the destination that I chose because of its strong economic and financial activity; it is one of China’s most important aspects. I took the opportunity to do a work placement with DFS, a leader in the travel retail sector, specialising in the distribution of luxury brands. It allows me to immerse myself in the heart of the Asian consumer society, but it also gives me the opportunity to be in permanent contact with several large international luxury brands.

My work placement is in the merchandising department where I have the opportunity to hold the role of Merchandise Assistant for the following major luxury brands: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany &co. and DeBeers. DFS is a successful, visionary company. The management of its teams is one of its greatest strengths, which has allowed me to integrate quickly and to feel as if I am in a new family. If I could give any advice to future ISTEC students seeking a similar experience, then it would be to stay curious and have the desire to succeed. These past few months in Hong Kong have led me to realise that “Time is money” and the world changes a lot more quickly than we can imagine!”


Témoignage etudiant international

A 6-month work placement in a communications agency in Dubai

The international dimension is very well developed at ISTEC: the students of the Grande École Programme have the option of doing their work placement abroad, studying for two semesters at a foreign university, and even doing their fourth and fifth years completely in English.  Mélina TIRASKIS, graduate of the class of 2014, tells us about her exciting six-month work placement in Dubai

“During my fifth year with the specialisation of International Luxury Sector Marketing, I am doing my end-of-studies work placement as a Project Manager with Codebar, a communications agency in Dubai. As I have a growing international interest and I am constantly seeking new experiences, this is a fantastic opportunity for me! This work placement allows me to not only consolidate all of the knowledge acquired within ISTEC and to perfect my level of everyday English, but also to have the opportunity to work in a very multicultural environment and become familiar with the local features of a thriving market.

I recommend every ISTEC student to do a work placement abroad during their studies, especially in Dubai: it is a lot more than just a mere work placement, it really opens the mind as cultures and religions come together in a magnificent melting pot in a city that truly looks toward the future! I really want to stay in Dubai after my work placement; there are some great opportunities and after having had a taste of this city, I truly think that it would be difficult for me to come to work in France. Eventually, I see myself working abroad in a multicultural environment, as I am currently doing and, if possible, within a marketing department in the luxury sector. Being simply captivated by Dubai, I have agreed with great pleasure to be the ambassador of the “ISTEC network” Graduates’ Association here, working alongside Béatrice du COUEDIC (ISTEC 1985). If you would like any information on Dubai or the Emirates, don’t hesitate to contact me!”

Contact: Mélina TIRASKIS –

Témoignage etudiant international

A semester in Australia for Elisa CHANSAC, fifth-year student

Australia has always been a country that has appealed to me, certainly because it is at the end of the world but also for its amazing landscapes and its reputation of a place of fabulous opportunity. I have chosen to study subjects in line with my classes at ISTEC: Consumer behaviour, e-marketing, Management and leadership, Strategic management. I wanted to study e-marketing which I have a great interest in, as well as consumer behaviour which is an essential aspect of marketing. I also wanted to broaden my knowledge in management in order to acquire skills in that field.

The way of teaching in Australia is different: classes take the form of full-class lectures and tutorials in small groups. This way of teaching surprised me a little at the beginning as is it very different to the way of teaching in France but I find it just as interesting. Life in Sydney is very pleasant; the climate offers very hot days even up to the end of autumn. When we have a day off, it is easy to go to the beach; it only takes about thirty minutes from the centre of Sydney. People are not stressed like they are in Paris; here, it is normal to walk down the street in flip-flops and shorts or to get on the train with a surfboard.

It is quite difficult to find accommodation when you get here; that is why I made sure to reserve a room in a student residence. The Australians are very open and it is easy to find other foreigners who are also doing a semester in Sydney. After two months here, I certainly do not regret my choice; life here is very pleasant, my choices of class suit me well and the Australian lifestyle has captured my heart.

Contact: Elisa CHANSAC –

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