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Students draw up their final professional project. The objective of the fifth year is to achieve a balance between know-how and systemia in order to achieve optimal employability. It is also possible to do this last year on a block release basis (under an alternating professional training/study contract or alternating work placement/study contract). The teaching hours are concentrated over three days of lessons from October to February, then, from February onward, students work full-time in a company.


This is centred on the students’ specialisation. Additional sectoral and profession-specific knowledge is focused on strategic factors and constitutes the basis of future expertise. Additional skills: teaching, transmission of knowledge or expertise, and capacity for change, are worked on in order to prepare each student for holding responsibilities.

Focus on a highlight:

The research dissertation, where students examine a subject in depth, combining the originality of personal thought and methodological rigour. A methodological benchmark enables students to check the conformity of their progression with respect to the most demanding frames of reference.


A “go-between” – a business executive, partner company representative and/or ISTEC graduate, will help students make their passage into the professional world by giving them personalised advice. This will allow them to look to the future with greater confidence.

Professional experience:

  • Work placement: This long period of experience (6 months) allows students to complete a professional project, which represents a real springboard toward employment.
  • Block release study:
    • Under an alternating study/professional training contract or an alternating study/work placement contract. The teaching hours are concentrated over three days, from October to February, then from February onward: full time in a company, accessible to all specialisations.
    • Under an apprenticeship contract, the pace of teaching is three days of training every two weeks, from October to July. Only the “Operational and digital marketing” specialisation programme is available.

Focus on the research dissertation:

The research dissertation is the key component of the fifth year; in the dissertation, a research theme is applied to a business problem.

Students choose their own theme, in accordance with their professional project. They write this dissertation by drawing upon scientific and professional knowledge available via the ISTEC databanks, as well as rigorous academic methodology. This piece of work, of which the student and ISTEC can be justly proud, allows the student to explain and to support the understanding of a specific professional problem.

The student’s expertise will be a real asset for their employability!

Association life

While fifth year students generally pass on the baton, the members of the Associations Office (BDA) are an exception. The students previously involved in the association life of their school then become real mentors for students from other years.

One of the things we are proud of is the existence of real, sincere assistance between the different ISTEC years.

Personal testimony

Personal testimony

Matthias BERANGER – Grande Ecole fifth year

I am a web marketing enthusiast. For this fifth year, the choice of specialisation was easy: the specialisation in operational and digital marketing comes close to real life. The work must be based around developed proposals which are addressed in the same way as they would be in the business world.

This specialisation pushes us to respond to the demands of the present but also to understand the future. I completed this year on a block release arrangement, which allowed me to consolidate my technical knowledge but also to progress on a human relations level. I feel that I am a better professional now in all respects. I also held the role of head of web communication in the retail sector in the company in which I did my block release training.

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