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The fourth year of the Grande École Programme sees students consolidate their knowledge in managing complex issues (change management, risk management, conflict management, etc.) as part of an international curriculum or as part of a block release curriculum.

Through this training arrangement, you will be able to sign a block release contract (alternating study/professional training contract or alternating study/work placement contract) with a company. You will thus receive a salary allowing you to have all or some of the study fees covered by the company.


Governance, strategies and company policies are covered. The analysis of projects or of company paths constitutes firm rooting for your knowledge.

Choice of areas of expertise:

  • Web marketing and modernism
    • Financial studies
    • Communication and events
    • Sourcing and procurement
    • Business development
    • Luxury industry
    • CSR and innovation
    • Information systems

Focus on a highlight:

“The personal challenge” – personal work carried out over the year – serves to enhance the structuring of original individual thought within the social sphere.

Professional and international experience:

  • Semester in a foreign university for students of the international curriculum and 2 to 4-month work placement in an international context.


  • Block release training under an alternating professional training/study or apprenticeship/study contract or work placement/study contract over the course of the year
  • Block release curriculum: (under an alternating professional training/study or work placement/study contract)
  • Teaching is initially carried out in French, then gradually more and more English is used, with an “Anglo-Saxon’’ method (less hours of lessons but more preliminary work), three days of classes (from Monday to Wednesday) every two weeks. From June, full-time in the company.
  • OR
  • International curriculum: 100% in English
  • The teaching of the first semester is carried out 100% in English, with an “Anglo-Saxon’’ method (less hours of classes but more preliminary work). The teaching hours are concentrated over three days, allowing you to do a work placement or carry out other activities (personal project, company creation, student job to fund your trip abroad, etc.) during your free time. In the second semester, you go abroad to study for a semester with one of our university partners, and then move on to the fourth year work placement in a company of a minimum duration of two months.


  • Apprenticeship curriculum:
  • The pace of teaching is three days of training every two weeks, from October to July. You register for two years, during which time you are employed in the same company where you carry out the same assignment.
    In the fifth year, only the specialisation programme “Operational and digital marketing” is available (no additional specialisation).
    • Web Marketing and communication
    • Purchasing and Negotiation
    • Business Plan
    • Business Venture
    • Feasibility studies and business models
    • Geopolitics and lobbying
    • Corporate and international finance
    • Project Management
    • Sustainable Development/ Business ethics and CSR
    • Structure of organisations
    • Human resources: strategy and skills
    • Business strategy
    • Management and education
    • Governance
    • Strategic & financial information of international groups
    • Corporate evaluation
    • Financial engineering principles
    • Marketing and sustainable development
    • International Marketing
    • e-business – e-Commerce
    • Marketing strategies and brand management
    • Luxury sector marketing
    • The franchise
    • International communication strategies
    • Press relations / Public relations and the internet
    • Communication Seminar
    • International operations
    • Contacts network
    • International sectoral study
    • International studies during the semester abroad
    • Studies in English
    • Inter-culturalism
    • Company creation/takeover project
    • Association life project
    • The personal challenge
    • History & foundations of Western thought
    • Perspectives on philosophy
    • Organisational behaviour
    • Generational positioning, 18-25 years

The majority of fourth year students choose to extend their project, which they commenced the previous year, until December. In this way, students live their association investment to the full with the possibility of transmitting all the knowledge acquired to new recruits.

Personal testimony

Personal testimony

Alice FOURNET – Grande Ecole fourth year

After following a three-year curriculum at ISTEC, block release training and the English programme seemed to be an obvious choice to me. This year gave me the opportunity to discover the world of French start-ups. For one year I was the marketing and communication manager of a start-up that creates objects that charge up through movement.

With mainly international goals, the practice of marketing and communication in English at the school has been of real benefit to my block release training. This block release training has been a real springboard into my professional life and it allows me to enter my last year in possession of a specific professional project.

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