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By the end of the third year, students have completed the first cycle of the curriculum. By this stage, they have put together the basics of an organisation and are able to understand how a company functions within its environment. On a personal level, they have strengthened their positioning as an active participant in professional life from the first year onward and they continue to do so in the third year with the guidance of their tutors.

The third year puts the emphasis on projects for students. The content of the third year is therefore strongly focused on deepening knowledge and putting it into practice by placing students in real situations.

  • Seminars over several consecutive days (communication, negotiation, crisis management, ethical dilemmas, etc.) place students in situations where they have to deal with conditions of limited time and organisation, management, urgency and concentration-related constraints.
  • Innovative teaching methods, always delivered in association with company heads, are rolled out over a number of months (innovative company creation project; marketing project for real sleeping partners; week-long simulation of management of a company based on a real case; exploration of the different jobs within the company utilising, for example, interviews and discussions with professionals; independently organising a cycle of conferences led by keynote speakers, etc.).

These assignments allow students to experience group interactions, the problems involved in the planning and management of a medium-term project, and enable them to widen their professional network and, on a personal level, discover the satisfaction of exceeding their own expectations and the pride of achieving goals on their own merit.

The third year also ensures further theoretical teaching and continues with the learning and accreditation of professional knowledge, including use of the French language (certification Voltaire), two obligatory foreign languages (TOEFL and other certificates), and classes on general culture and cultural openness.

Focus on a highlight:

The marketing study on behalf of a company, carried out in a group, in parallel to the teaching, activates the knowledge acquired in a relevant manner.

Professional and international experience:

  • Work placement with a European dimension:
  • Possibility of becoming boutique manager during the French Open event
  • A minimum of three months’ work placement in a European context in France or abroad.
  • One semester in a foreign university in London
    • Marketing strategy: marketing plan + brand management and value creation
    • Communication policy
    • Customer relationship management / CRM & creating customer loyalty / multi-channel customer relationship
    • E-Marketing strategy
    • Sales management/ Commercial negotiation / B2B sales
    • Personnel assessment tools and skills management tools
    • Cash flow statements – Management control – Budgets
    • Business plan & financial analysis
    • Business Law
    • Supply Chain / Purchasing / Quality
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    • Company law
    • International commercial law
    • The Manager & labour law
    • Social law
    • Production system analysis
    • Supply chain management
    • Personnel assessment tools
    • Economic intelligence
    • Business dynamics
    • Economics of global trade
    • Project management
    • Quality and management
    • Innovation and management
    • Entrepreneurship: from the business model to strategy
    • Intercultural management
    • Management summary case study
    • Decision-making
    • Leadership
    • Innovation and management
    • Social realities & field investigation management seminar
    • Financial structure and financial politics
    • Diagnostics and strategic decisions
    • International finance
    • Commercial activities plan
    • Trade negotiation
    • International B2B sales
    • International B2C sales
    • Management of a sales team
    • Marketing plan
    • Competitive analysis
    • Industrial marketing
    • Purchase marketing
    • Services marketing
    • CRM
    • Marketing and ethics
    • Luxury sector marketing
    • Communication plan
    • International: Country analyses
    • International and legal matters
    • Contacts network
    • Professional inter-culturalism
    • International strategies
    • International purchasing
    • International development, export
    • International logistics
    • Language learning among various language options
    • Inter-culturalism
    • Social history
    • Sociology and marketing
    • Association life project
    • “Skills” seminar
    • Insight into the professional world
    • Real ventures
    • Marketing study
    • Research Methods in Management Science

LOGO roland-garros

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has been ISTEC’s education partner for over 25 years.
Students participate in the operational marketing and promotion of French Open products during the iconic Tennis Championship. Sales, logistics, merchandising, management, etc. – a true in-the-field application of the lessons taught during the year!
In the context of the partnership, the FFT is closely associated with education at ISTEC and in particular with marketing and events-related learning. Students experience the tournament from behind the scenes and participate in the most media-friendly French sporting event of the year.


  • Assistance with the planning of the activity
  • Training and guidance of the teams
  • Brief, leadership and motivation of the team
  • Ensuring rules are complied with
  • Being able to relay the information between the FFT and the teams
  • Appropriate overseeing of activities
  • Anticipation of activity peaks (end of match, weather, etc.)
  • Evaluation of teams

In the third year, the students in associations implement their projects. Students are offered the possibility to manage teams of 10 to 80 students and manage the budgets that are allocated to them. It is a year of taking on responsibility and developing professionalism and commitment

Personal Testimony

Personal Testimony

Loïc DELMER – Grande Ecole 3rd year

Association life has played a major role in my training since my first year. I joined the basketball association, which allowed me to develop my team spirit and my desire to win. Then, in second year, I had the opportunity to be treasurer of a team running for the Student Union elections. I therefore learnt to manage a budget, as well as a team.

It was a very powerful and rewarding experience in terms of human relations. In third year, I joined the sports association and in this way I learnt to take on responsibilities. I am currently in the Societies Association, where I am in charge of ensuring that the entire Association life of ISTEC runs smoothly.

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