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The aim of the second year is to offer students an intercultural experience, with a first semester at a foreign university and complementary experiences within a company.

Focus on a high point:

Market research for a company. This activates students’ theoretical knowledge by testing it in a real situation. This collaborative project is an insight into operations: field marketing, leadership, collaborative work, etc.

Personalised guidance:

With the guidance of their “coach”, the student works on developing their personal and professional career plan, as well as drawing up a growth agreement.

Work placement and intercultural immersion:

  • 1 semester in a foreign university: Dublin, Copenhagen, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw, Milan, etc.
  • A minimum of 3 weeks of on-the-field sales and marketing activities. Possibility of participating in the French Open and
    developing as a Manager of a point of sale.
  • A minimum of two months in an international context: discovering the key aspects of relationships with other
    Possibility of carrying out a work placement within an NGO in France or abroad.
    • Semester in Europe (Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid, Milan, Warsaw)
    • Marketing Mix
    • Negotiation Competition Seminar
    • Communication Seminar
    • Digital marketing
    • Brand history
    • Cultural events
    • Finance, management control
    • Business law and taxation
    • Modern languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.)
    • SMEs within the European economy
    • Corporate identity
    • Economic history
    • Analysis of production systems
    • Introduction to human resources management
    • Team management
    • Entrepreneurship: understanding the environment
    • In-depth financial analysis
    • Budgeting
    • Statistics
    • Marketing Mix
    • Distribution policy
    • Qualitative data collection methods
    • Qualitative data analysis methods
    • Quantitative data collection methods
    • Quantitative data analysis methods
    • Marketing and NICT
    • Internal communication
    • Marketing case study
    • Geopolitics and globalisation
    • Contacts network
    • European Union Life
    • Language learning among various language options
    • Interculturalism
    • Intercultural seminars and activities
    • Sales and marketing activities
    • Association life project
    • Ethics and professionalism
    • Cultural events
    • Market research
    • European semester teaching
    • European semester intercultural activities
    • Artistic and cultural activities of the European semester

Second-year students with a particular interest prepare the Student Union campaign for the election of the new Student Union which will organise student activities during the following year. Older students advise them, but the entire organisation and search for sponsors and funds are carried out by second-year students.

LOGO roland-garros

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has been ISTEC’s education partner for over 25 years.
Students participate in the operational marketing and promotion of French Open products during the iconic Tennis Championship. Sales, logistics, merchandising, management, etc. – real in-the-field application of the lessons taught during the year!
In the context of the partnership, the FFT is closely associated with education at ISTEC and in particular with marketing and events-related learning. Students experience the tournament from behind the scenes and participate in the most media-friendly French sporting event of the year.

Goals: At least 3 weeks of on-the-field sales and marketing activities are to be carried out during the second year

  • Training and guidance of the team
  • Brief, leadership and motivation of the team
  • Ensuring rules are observed
  • Knowing how to transmit the information from the FFT to the team
  • Assessment of the team
  • Specific to the Point of Sale Manager: Supervision of sales, cash register management, knowing how to handle new stock, maintaining an orderly Point of Sale
  • Specific to the Logistics Manager: supervision of the flow of goods pursuant to the rules, maintaining orderly stocks


Personal Testimony

Personal Testimony

Clara BOUSSEMART – Grande Ecole 2nd year

During my second year, I had the chance to do a semester in Berlin. I discovered a surprising open-mindedness among the Berliners, as well as a city with exceptional cultural and historical features. I then had the opportunity to campaign in the Student Union elections. This was good professional experience in the form of the organisation of events as well as seeking sponsorship.

For my work placement, I took the opportunity to go to Vietnam to teach French in a primary school and a high school. I discovered a new culture and I had an unforgettable time with the children. It was a particularly rewarding life experience!

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