Grande Ecole


The first year allows students to acquire basic knowledge of commerce and marketing, discover the world of business and begin to create their personal and professional career plan. The teaching is supplemented with support and guidance on methods, time management, priorities management and teamwork.

Focus on a high point:

Sectoral study: marketing and strategic analysis of an economic sector and of a product or a service. This study is the central theme of the acquisition of basic knowledge in marketing.

Personalised guidance:

Each student is individually monitored by a lecturer or a professional associated with the school. This coach will enable the student to:

  • define their personal and professional motivations,
  • identify their skills and personal qualities… and their areas of growth
  • use to their best advantage the teaching provided and the experiences of the work carried out.

Work placement and sales and marketing activity in the field:

  • 15 days (of sales and marketing activity in the field) and the possibility of participating in the French Open in the context of sales or merchandising experience.
  • A minimum of 2 months of work placement in France or abroad to find out about business within sales and marketing roles.
    • Marketing mix
    • Communication Seminar
    • Digital Marketing
    • Canvassing, commercial relations, sales techniques
    • Geopolitics
    • Economics
    • Law and taxation
    • Corporate finance
    • Coaching in oral communication
    • Modern languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.)
    • Business processes
    • Business types & organisation
    • General economics
    • General introduction to law
    • Business law, commercial law
    • Competition law
    • Consumer law
    • Basics of production management
    • History of the Human Resources profession
    • Projects & business
    • Entrepreneurship, the Director
    • Company creation/takeover process
    • Budget & operations
    • Costs structure, budget management
    • Accounting/financial interpretation
    • Principles of financial analysis
    • Statistics
    • Mathematics applied to economics and management
    • Autonomic computing
    • General methodologies
    • Professional procedures
    • Business relations
    • Sales canvassing
    • Sales techniques
    • Introduction to marketing
    • Market segmentation
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Introduction to marketing policies
    • Product policy – Introduction
    • Price policy – Introduction
    • Distribution policy – Introduction
    • Quantitative data collection methods
    • Quantitative data analysis methods
    • Document research methods in marketing
    • Constructing marketing initiatives
    • Marketing case summary
    • Communication policy – Introduction
    • Introduction to international trade
    • History of Europe
    • Contacts network
    • Networking
    • Practice of international trade
    • Language learning among various language options
    • Intercultural awareness
    • Association life project
    • Professional behaviour
    • Manners and etiquette
    • Professional documents
    • Oral communication
    • Identity and rapport
    • Companies and commercial property
    • Introduction to sociology
    • History of art in the 19th century
    • Business history
    • Introduction to anthropology
    • Fantasy writing
    • Sectoral study

LOGO roland-garros

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has been ISTEC’s education partner for over 25 years.
Students participate in the operational marketing and promotion of French Open products during the iconic tennis tournament. Sales, logistics, merchandising, management, etc. – real in-the-field application of the lessons taught during the year!
In the context of the partnership, the FFT is closely associated with education at ISTEC and in particular with marketing and events-related learning. Students experience the tournament from behind the scenes and participate in the most media-friendly French sporting event of the year.

Goals: At least 15 days of sales (on-the-field sales and marketing activities) are to be carried out during the first year

  • Welcoming and advising clients
  • Creating client loyalty by means of a tournament-specific sales pitch
  • Promotion of the French Open image as a high-quality client service
  • Sales
  • Setting-up of merchandising
  • Layout and arrangement of the Point of Sale
  • Reception of goods as stock
  • Arrangement of stock
  • Preparation and monitoring of orders
  • Deliveries of orders to Points of Sale
  • Stocktaking


New students are welcomed by older students, members of the Associations Office (BDA) and ISTEC association leaders. They provide guidance during the initial years in the implementation of a new association project.

Personal testimony

Personal testimony

Océane BROSSEAU – Grande Ecole first year

When I started in first year, I discovered new ways of teaching and a new way of working; the lessons that are given to us are all interlinked and the theory is put into practice very quickly in the business world. I was very pleasantly surprised by the association life of the school, which is very active and allows us to integrate more easily.

At the end of the year, I did a two-month placement with a major cosmetics retailer as a sales assistant and I learnt a huge amount in professional terms as well as on a human level. I also had the chance to work in the French Open. I think it is the most rewarding experience that I have had this year.

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