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ISTEC students have the option of doing their fourth and/or fifth years under a block release arrangement.

Students who opt for this arrangement choose to work in a company while studying for a degree, with the advantages that this holds in terms of professional experience and financing of studies.
Companies benefit from having students that already have a Bac+3 level of training and who are ready to work at very attractive costs.

ISTEC offers its students several types of block release arrangements.

These are the types of block release arrangements in fourth and fifth year

Apprenticeship contract Professional
training contract
Work placement agreement
(alternating with study)
Status employee employee student
Duration Two years (in the same company) if admitted in fourth year.
One year (in the same company) if admitted in fifth year.
Academic year.
12 to 24 months.
Academic year.
Several periods of work placement possible in the company.
Pace of the
block release arrangement
Three days of training every two weeks. Three days of training every two weeks. Three days of training every two weeks.
Signatories The company, the apprentice and the CFA-Apprentice Training Centre. The company, the student and the OPCA-Accredited Joint Fund Collection Body. The company, the student and the school.
Rémunération In fourth year: minimum of 41% of the minimum wage if you are less than 21 years old; 53% if you are over 21 years old.
In fifth year: minimum of 49% of the minimum wage if you are less than 21 years old; 61% if you are over 21 years old.
Minimum of 65% of the minimum wage if you are less than 21 years old; 80% if you are over 21 years old. Minimum of 30% of the minimum wage on the basis of 35 hrs, i.e. €417
Training costs Covered in full by the company (via its apprenticeship tax) and by the Ile de France region. Covered in full or in part by an OPCA – Accredited Joint Fund Collection Body of the company. Paid by the student and also sometimes by the company. The student may have been able to negotiate with the company payment greater than the legal minimum and/or an agreement by the company to cover all or part of the training.
Be less than 26 years old upon signature of the contract. Be of French nationality or, in the case of foreign students, hold a work visa. The contract is performed in the same company. Be less than 26 years old upon signature of the contract. Students aged 26 years old or older must be job seekers except in the event that they have just come out of a subsidised contract. Be of French nationality or, in the case of foreign students, hold a work visa.
offered in
fifth year
Only the specialisation
“Operational and digital marketing”. No additional specialisation
All All

Examples of positions held by ISTEC students doing block release training:

Buyer, Assistant product manager, Marketing assistant, Marketing and communication assistant, Operational marketing assistant, Trade marketing assistant, Communication assistant, Advertising assistant, Visual merchandiser assistant, Development manager, Researcher, Project Manager, Junior product manager, Export sales representative, Perfume evaluator, Sales and marketing manager, Communication and public relations manager, External communication manager, Marketing and development manager, Support programme manager, etc.


From the time of approved enrolment at the school, students who want to follow their curriculum under a block release arrangement will be monitored and supported in their search for a company.


  • Access to all the job offers from our partner companies and graduates
  • Students have the option to create a personalised profile and to enhance their professional career path


This meeting of minds has the aim of supporting students in their search for a company.

  • Presentation of the block release system: ISTEC speakers – The curriculum and the pace of the block release system
  • The different types of contracts: Familiarise yourself with the different types of block release contracts
  • Search techniques: Targeting and following up your searches – Support and recommendations of the Company Relations service
  • How to optimise your application: Basic requirements for a CV and an effective cover letter – management of online visibility


The Graduates’ Association “ISTEC Network” offers future students the opportunity to participate in a Job Search Techniques workshop led by Ms. Karine Corvaia Le Crom. “ISTEC Network” Careers Representative.

During this workshop students have the opportunity to:

  • Take stock of their search for employment and the areas for improvement
  • Optimise their CV and cover letter
  • Be introduced to the different techniques of job searching and presentation
  • Benefit from a recruitment consultant’s recommendations for job interviews


Several times a year, ISTEC students have the possibility of securing their block release contract directly on the school campus by means of “speed-dating” style job interviews with partner companies. After a presentation of the job offer by the recruiter, students have a 5-minute interview to convince employers to recruit them.

L’ISTEC est référencée DataDock : l’école, ses formateurs et ses formations répondent aux exigences de qualité dictées par la loi.

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