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Visé bac+5

Bachelor reconnu par l'Etat, inscrit RNCP Niveau II


Grande école program



Preparing young professionals for taking on responsibilities, enabling them to acquire skills relating to their personal and professional career plans, expanding the breadth of their cultural references and thus enhancing their personal development: these are ISTEC’s principal commitments. For everyone, “knowledge”, “expertise” and “interpersonal skills” are inseparable in the pursuit of success.

When students enter at Baccalaureate level to embark on a five-year course, this creates very favourable conditions for the establishment of an active form of education, resulting in personal growth and a spirit of autonomy.
In keeping with its historic values, ISTEC endeavours to balance the learning of technical skills (command of methodological tools, an appetite for well-executed work, entrepreneurial spirit) and the development of human qualities (listening, cultural openness). In addition, each student is provided with individual, personal guidance to put together their professional career plan.

The highlights of the Grande École Program:

  • State-recognised Master’s degree qualification
  • 300 European Credits Transfer System
  • Education from the Baccalaureate to Master’s degree level (Bac+5)
  • 3 semesters in universities abroad (90 partner universities across the world)
  • Up to 19 months of work placement in France or abroad
  • Course flexible from the fourth year onward: International Course or Block-Release Course
  • 14 specialisation options in fifth year (Luxury Sector, Digital Marketing, Events, Finance, International Negotiation, Design…)
  • Double degree with an engineering school (ENIM)

Grande Ecole entrance exam

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Private institution of higher education
Created in 1961 Recognized by the State Managed by an Association law 1901
Programme Bachelor, diplôme reconnu par l’Etat, inscrit au RNCP niveau II
Business School Program,Master Level, Degree recognized by the State, stamped A-Levels + 5 recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research,equivalent to RNCP I.